PSi: White Knight Chronicles: International Edition Review

At first look, White Knight Chronicles: International Edition looks like any of a number of Japanese Role-playing Games (J-RPG) on the market. Considering that the title was actually released in Japan in December, 2008, it would be understandable if the graphics were a little dated. The characters themselves, especially the supporting cast, do seem a bit plastic, not quite as life-like as those from games released more recently, but this does not detract much from the overall aesthetic of the game. Of all of the characters, the player's created avatar, whose appearance can be customized at the onset of the adventure, seems the most out of place in the mix."

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Daver3671d ago

I bought the game when it released and at first i didnt like it much (Im not an big RPG fan) but after playing for a while now i'm enjoying it a lot, i like the little 'twist' in the story and the online mode is a nice add. Sure theres some problems here and there but it is still a good game.