Nintendo's Wii game system puts violence in motion

Since it was introduced six months ago, the Nintendo Wii system has been hailed as a revolution in video gaming because of its motion-activated controls that allow a player to participate physically. That's all well and good when the motion is a tennis stroke. But what about when it's a sawing motion, one used to separate a limb from a body, and the scene on the screen shows all the gory details?

As more violent games become available for the Wii, the debate about their participatory nature is intensifying. Researchers who have been critical of first-person shooter games -- in which the player pushes a button to activate a weapon -- say the Wii's increased interactivity raises the risk of antisocial behavior. Others say that while the violent content may be disturbing to some people, there is no evidence to support a link between violent games and aggression.

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Diselage4135d ago

This makes me really mad, they have no proof (again) that more violent games on the Wii will cause anti-social behavior. God i can't wait till the old people die and the gamer generations take over this country.

calderra4135d ago

Anti-gamer legistlation DOES create anti-social behavior.
I've never wanted to punch someone so hard as when (insert politician) said (fact-free oomment) about (insert game).

Seriously, though- the only thing adding motion control does for these games is increase the likelihood people will accidentally maul each other during a round of Mario Party.

MK_Red4135d ago

True. Nobody has played the game and yet they are talking about its effects and how if will affect next murder in reality. Good point about old people. Evil but good for gaming.

sumfood4u4135d ago

It's there Mental Willpower that controls there actions! I play fighting games, I do Martial Arts, but i don't go in malls trying to destroy people! Non-gamers like pushing the envelope on gammers when ever the need arises!

RedSeven4135d ago

I agree. I don't go into shopping malls either and pretend I am in an Elite Military Operation.

Diselage4135d ago

Maybe i should seek help, I love hiding out in the ladies undies to pounce on the enemy.