LEAK: Windows 8 Will Be Completely Different From what users usually expect of Windows

Even before the advent of Windows 7, Microsoft was hard at work planning the next iterations of the Windows client and server platforms. But even though the successor of Windows 7, commonly referred to, even by Microsoft's own employees, under the codename Windows 8, was in planning, the Redmond company is not sharing any details on the release with the public. The silence continues even at this point in time, when the first reports indicating that Microsoft has actually kicked off the development process for Windows 8 began emerging. Still, sometimes details leak outside of Redmond. It is the case of a Program Manager on the Windows 8 team which claims that the next version of Windows will be unlike anything users expect of the operating system.

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mrv3213665d ago

For some reason the title remind me of this

I'm a PC owned btw... just not too fond of Vista.

kaveti66163665d ago

Wait, so Windows 8 is actually not a full-blown OS like Windows XP or Vista or 7, right? It's just a specialized OS for something else?

I'm hoping that it's not a successor to 7 because, DAMN, I'm gonna be pissed if it is. Windows 8 better not be released for another 4 years, that's all I'm gonna say. I am tired of this stupid crap. The real reason I hate it when OS's change is because word processing formats change as well. You guys must have experienced the infuriating moments when you can't open a docX file on your XP OS. Or the inability to open a Docx on a Mac without getting read errors. Just yesterday it took me an hour to send a file to my sister's mac computer because it wouldn't read DocX files. And I couldn't print the file from my 7 OS laptop because Windows 7 couldn't locate or install my printer's driver from the internet.

Darkeyes3665d ago

^^^^^ Actually Macs read Docx files, but you have to have proper software installed like Pages or some Free software like Neooffice...

mrv3213665d ago

Openoffice rules. I love the feature export as PDF or any file I like... but you want to know what I like most of all. IT'S FREE.

The Great Melon3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )


I believe Microsoft have stated that they would like to stick from now on to a 3 year cycle for their operating systems. Windows XP was unusual as it stayed around about twice as long.

Proxy3665d ago

That's great for everyone who is primarily interested in the OS.

Most people don't give a damn about the OS so long as it can run the software they really care about. MS might be a little disappointed that Windows XP is still able to perform 99% of the tasks users are interested in.

It may be that the OS market is a loosing market.

Dev8 ing3665d ago

Another thing I like about Open Office (even though I use both) is that it still uses the old format not the office 2007 layout with all the icons wasting space in ass backwards locations.

darkmurder3665d ago

It'll be a cloud operating system is my guess.

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Fishy Fingers3665d ago

Facelift, or fundamental changes? I fear Windows have become so standised, so recognised that they'll never move to far away from their norm, or previous OS iteration.

Cueil3665d ago

the option to boot into a gaming boot... with all the bullshit that isn't needed to play games not loaded up... that is my dream

Dev8 ing3665d ago

Mine is being able to play games in Linux (sans wine) so that I don't need Windows at all. But baring that I guess your suggestion would be a close second.

Letros3665d ago

whether its 64 or 128, just gotta let 32 bit die already.

Proxy3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Or is it?

Consider that 64 bit processors existed in the 1960's. Wonder why they moved to lower bit counts? :)

nskrishna53665d ago

This sounds very interesting....well..letz see...if they this up then im gonna by win8 on day one

PotNoodle3665d ago

Good. It has needed it for years, its funny, because while windows 7 was an improvement - it is still windows and carries the basic problems it has.

Letros3665d ago

Don't just make an empty claim, what are some of the problems you run into?

PotNoodle3665d ago

Oh come on, the whole system is broken in comparison to other operating systems. Unfortunately, as i'm always gaming on my PC i'm forced to use windows.

The basic core system needs re-writing to be more unix like.

Kushan3665d ago

3rd time's a charm, Deathro, want to give an actual reason as to what "problems" Windows still has, as of Windows 7?

PotNoodle3665d ago

Its wayyyyyyyyy too general to give specific reasons. But the instability in absolutely everything it does, the terrible data management and this virtualised type method microsoft use to handle users needs to go, unix systems do fine without and run extremely well with loads of users running at the same time.

Like i said, its as simple as that, the core system needs completely re-writing to be more unix like, because that will help solve all the others. It isn't as easy as giving specific reasons, it is like i said it originally.

Feral Gamer3665d ago

Give me a break, you can't even get into specifics. I bet you're just an MS hater. Go play your Mac games.

namyrb3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

I have to agree with everyone else on this... you're not explicitly stating any specific reasons as to why it needs to be more unix like, or why the core infrastructure is "broken." It's like saying that IE is bad because lots of its code is old. Even if it is true it's not a reason and does not give any explanation as to why it actually is "bad."

PotNoodle3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Mac? I'd never buy a mac, i'm sorry. Try again. Either way, something needs to be done, because there is little excuse for the terrible performance of the system in comparison to linux.

"the terrible data management and this virtualised type method microsoft use to handle users needs to go"

Two reasons right there. Though, me just saying it needs to be MORE UNIX LIKE explains it perfectly well, i didn't write windows so i don't know the specific problems that makes it perform so terribly, but the two above are the standout to me.

Cueil3665d ago

More Unix like? We left that BS behind for a reason. Likely it'll be completely NUI based and come with a natal like device.... that's my prediction... you heard it here first folks

Dev8 ing3665d ago

Who exactly left it behind? Because last time I checked UNIX based systems are still the dominant platform for servers. The reason they are used is for stability and security. Are those the BS reasons that you think it has been left behind? And it is windows that is always playing catch up to the mac os.

darkmurder3665d ago

Yo can i have some of that crack you smokin?

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