Can EA turn it self Around?

EA is just 2nd to activision when comes to giants of BIG NAME publishers. But EA looking in bad shape when you look at there fiscal reports.

Fiscal Third Quarter Results (comparisons are to the quarter ended December 31, 2008)

GAAP net revenue for the quarter, which includes the impact of deferred net revenue adjustments, was $1.243 billion as compared with $1.654 billion for the prior year. During the quarter, EA had a net revenue deferral of $103 million related to certain online-enabled packaged goods and digital content as compared with $88 million in the third quarter of the prior year. This $103 million deferral will be recognized in future quarters.

Non-GAAP net revenue for the quarter was $1.346 billion, down 23 percent as compared with $1.742 billion for the prior year. The decline is due to several factors, including fewer titles this holiday quarter versus the 2008 holiday quarter, and a weak overall packaged goods sector in Europe. Sales were driven by the launches of Dragon Age(TM): Origins, Left 4 Dead 2, and NBA Live, and catalog sales of FIFA 10, Madden NFL 10, and The Sims(TM) 3.

GAAP net loss for the quarter, including the impact of deferred net revenue, was $82 million as compared with a net loss of $641 million for the prior year.

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