Guardian: Can Ghost Recon: Future Soldier re-energise the squad-based shooter?

Guardian writes: "Several years ago, you couldn't wander into your local game shop without being visually assaulted by rows of squad-based military shooters, all promising a highly strategic approach to, well, shooting people in the face with guns. It all started in the late nineties with two defining titles: Ubisoft's Rainbow Six and Hidden & Dangerous from Czech developer Illusion Softworks. Both featured small squads of differently skilled operatives, usually sneaking about carrying out fiddly missions behind enemy lines. Players were required to plot waypoints for their AI team-mates and work as a cohesive unit to overcome the mostly rather cerebral mission objectives."

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raztad3660d ago

Guardian is so full of sh*t. Re-energize what??? squad based shooters? there is something named MAG out there. It has done much more than "re-energize", it has put squad based shooters on another level. I'm sorry for those that cant play the game for whatever reason.