Splinter Cell's PC/360 exclusivity reiterated

TVGB: "It appears hope of Splinter Cell: Conviction making its way to the PlayStation 3 at a later date may have faded a bit more. During Ubisoft's fiscal year 2009-10 Q3 conference call today it was once more said that the game will be an exclusive to the already announced platforms, those being the PC and Xbox 360."

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Mamajuana3659d ago

Update: According to one of Ubisoft's Twitter accounts, the "same experience, same development team and same release date" will be coming to PlayStation 3. Ubisoft's Kimi Matsuzaki also noted that PC details would come "later."

wohoo3659d ago

Mamajuana, I think you're getting your Splinter Cells and Ghost Recons mixed up :)

gaffyh3659d ago

No matter how many times they say it, I still think it's going to come to PS3. There are a lot of Splinter Cell fans on PlayStation, and cutting them out is just stupid in terms of business.

Whatever, I have a 360 and a decent PC so I can play the game when it releases thankfully.

HighDefinition3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

are both coming to the PS3.

I know for some of you it actually hurts to think that. But that`s because your a fanboy extremist and need help.

I own a 360, but I`d rather own both of these games for my PS3. If they don`t (which they will) I`ll buy them for the 360.

Blaze9293659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Honestly speaking, if there are any Tom Clancy fans who actually care about Tom Clancy games, chances are they either have a PC to play the games or an Xbox seeing how last gen those were those were the two platforms where you could enjoy the series to the max. I mean sheesh, remember the PS2 version of Chaos Theory? I don't see how any fans could have came from that version.

I know VG Chartz is not a credible site for sales data and all but whatever:

0.17 million for Double Agent on the PS3. Yeah....that sure is a loooooot of Spinter Cell fans on Playstation.

It's like how they say FF is a Playstation brand. Anyone who wants a Tom Clancy game and played them in the past knows the systems to play it on, Xbox and PC - especially splinter cell. No one is gonna buy a Xbox and be upset if FF13 stayed exclusive to the PS3? They should "know" where the fanbase is for that game and get that system.

If I'm correct, MS even funded this project in hopes to get their version of Metal Gear Solid which may be another reason why its a Microsoft exclusive for good.

I mean, you kind of just proved my point: "Whatever, I have a 360 and a decent PC so I can play the game when it releases thankfully."

Any PS fan upset about this, well, walked right into that.

People need to realize this might just be a true Microsoft exclusive. Leave it like that or else we'll have another MGS4 case on our hands of people still waiting for the game to release on the platform they suspect.

So basically point is

kaveti66163659d ago

Um, no, actually.

I own both a PS3 and 360. I don't want 360 console exclusives to come to PS3 because I want the 360 to retain some value as a product. I paid about 470 bucks for the console in '07, so I don't think it makes me an extremist fanboy to want my money to be put to good use.

You on the other hand, might be a fanboy, but I have little energy to search through your history to make a conclusion. Anyway, just shut up about things you don't know. Not everything is black and white.


Chubear3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

You tell me, how many Splinter Cells do you know that are exclusive? Then answer how many were timed exclusive and perhaps that may clue you into what's happening with SP:con

If you believe that all of a sudden a huge 3rd party publishing house, spent so much money scraping the game and then re-developing it, is all of a sudden going to be playing exclusive butt buddy with either Sony or Microsoft then good for you. They spent too much on this game and they're looking to recoup as fast as possible. It's timed exclusive for the 360 for a reason.

Splinter Cell is already being developed on the PS3.

HighDefinition3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

WTF are you talking about KID?

Go be pissed off somewhere else.

BTW, I like how admit you have little energy....

You WIn.

Montrealien3659d ago

You know HD, I am debating, who is funnier...

the people who think its funny that it hurts people.


the people it actually hurts.

And you know, its a toss up, but they both end up in the same barrel if you ask me.

iwillpwnyou3659d ago

They wanna lose profits, fine by me!

HighDefinition3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

What up haven`t seen you in a while, how she go????

Anyway, I think it hilarious it a game moving systems hurts people.

Gamers are too sensitive.

And no it`s completly different barrels, one`s insane, one`s not. If you think their same barrell you might belong in that barrell too.

kaveti66163659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Oh, I'm not pissed off. I'm as calm as a Hindu cow, in fact. However, in case the "tone" of the internet startled you, I will put it in a calmer "tone": Cease speaking about things of which you know little.

HighDefinition3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

LOL, I dont even care what you said about me.

That comment is full of win, I`m giving you a bubble.

LOL, were ALL getting disagree`d with, that`s hilarious.

StanLee3659d ago

Regardless of if it does or doesn't go multiplatform, I don't think publishers understand how much timed exclusivity hurts a brand, a franchise and hurts them financially. Timed exclusivity doesn't make sense. Look at GTAIV; Rockstar is having a PS3 multiplayer event in anticipation of the DLC's release but no one is playing the game online anymore. Look at the raw numbers of timed exclusive games or content and you'll see that interest simply wanes. This is a transient industry where you need to capitalize now. Really, would you rather sell Mass Effect 2 to the millions who are so excited about the game now or a year from now to the handful who've yet to read spoilers online or play the game on another platform?

Conando3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Well, to be fair, the PS3 version of Double Agent did come out 6 months after the 360 version, because the PS3 hadn't even launched yet when the 360 version was released. So you can't expect very good sales there. Most people probably bought the PS2/Xbox versions.

Anyway though, it's pretty clear that this game is never going to come to the PS3. You can tell when a port is in the future, and they just can't talk about it. They'll avoid questions and never flat out say that it is 360 exclusive. But in this case, they are flat out saying it. The same with Mass Effect 2. They have flat out stated that they have exclusivity with Microsoft for the whole trilogy, and that it will never come to the PS3.

Now Episodes From Liberty City is a different story. Rockstar always avoided answering questions about a PS3 port. They never said it was 360 exclusive. So it wasn't much of a surprise to anyone when it was announced for the PS3 and PC.

JD_Shadow3659d ago

"I own both a PS3 and 360. I don't want 360 console exclusives to come to PS3 because I want the 360 to retain some value as a product. I paid about 470 bucks for the console in '07, so I don't think it makes me an extremist fanboy to want my money to be put to good use."

Actually, that account is a good reason why it was a bad thing for MS to become so dependent on third party exclusives, buying out other system's TPE's, and exclusive DLC for multiplatform games. Your reason is exactly why MS needs more first party options.

Cenobia3659d ago

I don't know why, but I never thought Splinter Cell was an Xbox series at all. I remember being able to buy them on the PS2, so I'm not sure where the brand identity comes from (I wasn't that into Splinter Cell back then to be honest, or have any interest in the Xbox).

Either way MS should really just have made this an Xbox 360 exclusive to solidify that brand identity. It really could be their MGS since its an established franchise. However, Ubisoft is a third party developer. MS doesn't own anything Splinter Cell (as far as I know) and so far all of the MS deals that I can think of have been for limited exclusivity, despite the fact that every other developer has constantly repeated "Exclusive" over and over.

pixelsword3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Something that is exclusive is used or owned by only one person or group; so stop listing two things that a game can be played on and calling it exclusive. That's just bleeping moronic. Honestly, learn the definition behind words before you type them. I'm sick of such stupidity. If anyone who upholds the "console exclusivity" argument is beyond the age of twelve, you should go back to the 6th grade, and pronto.

Now, back on topic:

The PS3 has Solid Snake, Raiden is no Solid Snake, so the 360 needs Fisher. I can't see Microsoft letting this one go.

Bigpappy3659d ago

Chubera said: "If you believe that all of a sudden a huge 3rd party publishing house, spent so much money scraping the game and then re-developing it, is all of a sudden going to be playing exclusive butt buddy with either Sony or Microsoft then good for you."

The first SC was created on Xbox and was exclusive. That is where the core fanbase is for the game. All SC games were developed on the 360. If they choose to scrap and start over, it is because they thought they could do better. If they do a good job with it (By all indications, that is exactly what will happen), they will sell Millions on the 360 and you guys that hate the 360 can get it on PC. So they don't have to worry about sales.

Consoldtobots3659d ago

jesus h christ on a stick, WHO CARES if this game comes to PS3?

anyone that wants to play it will do so on 360 or PC.

gaffyh3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

@Blaze - Yeah I wouldn't go by VGC on that one because:

1. They are only tracking US numbers for a few weeks after release and no other territories.

2. The game released when the PS3 had only been released for 4 months in America, and barely 1 month in EU. Meaning the install base was significantly low.

3. It was a bad port from the Xbox/PC version according to many people. I wouldn't know cos I got it for PC at that point.

I'm ~80% sure that Splinter Cell Conviction will come to PS3 at around October 2010. Older games have sold decent amount of units on PS2, I don't see why Ubisoft would make the game completely exclusive when it has always been a multiplat title, and they are chasing profitability.

cayal3659d ago

"0.17 million for Double Agent on the PS3. Yeah....that sure is a loooooot of Spinter Cell fans on Playstation."

Be realistic here, it was a port made in the early early stages of the PS3 life and the game was also released on PS2.

Splinter Cell sold 2.44 million (PS2) and Choas Theory and Pandora sold close to one million, don't know how Double Agent did on PS2. All games sold slightly less then the XBOX counterpart.

There are definitely a few fans out there.

cayal3659d ago

"anyone that wants to play it will do so on 360 or PC. "

Not everyone has that luxery you know.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3659d ago

Splinter Cell PS3 DENIED 1,243.566 times

ME2 PS3 DENIED 3,777,341 times

Look some franchises should stay on the platform where it has the biggest most dedicated fan base. Tom Clancy is known on Windows and Xbox and Playstation owners rarely buy the games. Just like Final Fantasy is really a Playstation franchise and shouldn't be on the Xbox. FF will probably outsell the 360 version 2 to 1 (for the first time this gen) because it is a part of Playstation. Splinter Cell is an Xbox and Windows game, it was the success of Splinter Cell on the Xbox that launched it to AAA. You PS3 fans all say you have super PC's anyway so why would you want an inferior console version... hmmm?

If you want to play this game just buy a 360 or make sure you have Windows 7 on your Sony VIAO PC's.

Montrealien3659d ago

lol, so this comment thread is full of win!


N4BmpS3659d ago

I'm sorry cayal but 0.17 million isn't a lot of people? Sounds like a lot to me maybe not more than a 360 install base. I actually believe that not every game the 360 gets should come to PS3, so it's whatever.

ScoobyDrew3659d ago

splinter cell conviction is NOT coming to ps3... BUT! the other games that will be in this new franchise are!!! i can't remember where i heard this but it was somewhere from N4G, possibly Hip Hop Gamer... who I know at some points isn't always the most credible, but still he seemed pretty damn confident about it.

hazardman3659d ago

Yu drink ded da mamajuana, chu no no wah u saeeying!!! Take it with some KY man. It's exclusive to PC and Xbox 360. That's what happen when you believe the impossible (It's not coming to PS3). As a gamer you want everyone to enjoy every game, but some are better off with a certain consoles..and this game my friend is better off on the Xbox360.."Nothing Personal"...

VileAndVicious3659d ago

Lol when has EA or Bioware for that matter ever denied that ME1 or 2 would be going to the Ps3??????

Actually on several occasions they've just said "No comment" or "We cant discuss that at this time." how does that amount to Mass Effect2 not going to the ps3? If anything that would mean quite the opposite.

The difference with ME2,1 as opposed to Splinter Cell Conviction which Ubisoft HAS stated countless times "It its exclusive."
So I do believe that SC will be exclusive, the ME series on the other hand is a different story.

IdleLeeSiuLung3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Really? Bioware never confirmed Xbox exclusivity?

"The thing we can tell you about the future of Mass Effect very simply is that there's going to be a trilogy; we've been on record in the past as saying we want that whole trilogy to be on the console", BioWare's Greg Zeschuk told GameDaily.

"We have no plans currently to pursue that. Our focus is pure and simple; it's to deliver the best game possible for our fans with Mass Effect, and that's an Xbox 360 exclusive. Microsoft's a great partner...and they've really helped build the value of the product and we're proud to work with them."


On the flip side:

"In the just released September issue of Australian 360, comes the commitment of Bioware CEO Ray Muzyka “to bring the Mass Effect trilogy exclusively to the Xbox 360“.
Which should read “We said we were committed to supporting Mass Effect as a franchise and have the trilogy on the Xbox 360″


However, Bioware has once again flat out denied again recently:

So it sounds like it could swing either way. I have a feeling the first game is locked to the 360 while ME2 and ME3 might be time exclusive. Now the weird thing is why didn't they release ME1 for the PS3 if it was possible, so they could release ME2 on both platforms?

To me that means action has spoken louder than words and ME1 isn't likely to come to the PS3....

With that said I wouldn't mind it coming to the PS3, that just means more content for those that are truly a gamer (proven by being a multi-console owner) and Mass Effect fans!!!

Socrates3659d ago


Your comment is the moronic one. You are trying to change the use of a term that has always been used in the gaming world. Every magazine and game site in the world uses the term console exclusive. The ONLY people I have ever seen complain about the term are ps3 fanboys, and it's obvious why they do it.

The word "exclusive" does not have anything to do with only being available in one place. It depends on the context. It simply means that it is found in some places and excluded from others. For example, you could say a certain feature is exclusive to Toyotas and Hondas and it would make perfect sense because what you would be saying is that only Hondas and Toyotas offer that feature. There is NOTHING about the word exclusive that requires that it only be applied to one thing.

Looking in my dictionary the first definition I see for the word 'exclusive' says: "Excluding or having the power to exclude".

When you say a game is 'exclusive to the Xbox 360 and PC' it is a perfectly correct use of the term. It means that the game can only be played on the 360 and PC. When you say a 360 game is console exclusive it means that it can't be played on any other console. Again, a perfectly proper use of the term.

Simply put, you ps3 fanboys are the ones trying to redefine the meaning of the term in order to suit your radical agenda.

Ubisoft is confirming that Splinter Cell Conviction will remain exclusive to the PC and 360 platforms.

baum3659d ago


Could you be any more delusional? They found PS3 code on the PC and 360 versions of Mass Effect 2. The same thing happened with Bioshock and you were probably denying it: "bu bu bu they deny it!!11". Same with Ninja Gaiden 2, Lost Planet 2, nearly all the JRPGs available on 360, and just recently with GTAIV DLC. Do you love eating crow or what? Splinter Cell and Mass Effect 2 are coming to PS3. Up next: Gears of War trilogy.

LOL @ kaveti,


Wow. $470 means that much to you? I have all consoles and the only reason I care for ports of games is because it proves that there was some downgrading in the process (i.e. it was planned to be multi-platform all along). Tell your parents to upgrade your allowance.

Amiroo3659d ago

Impossible to come to PS3 , but if it was PS3 exclusive maybe it was coming to 360 , sorry but they want to sell and look at the games they sells on PS3 ,and look at L.A Noir it's now multiplatform

CWMR3659d ago

-It's not coming to the PS3. Get over it.-

MazzingerZ3659d ago

Not really sure why I would like this one on the PS3, there's no gaps in the PS3 library to be filled by this game...I have a X360 and I'm not getting the game anyway, I prefer MGS...this is just another Splinter Cell game, it won't get a single perfect 10, it will neither sell 5 million copies...

From whatever fanboy perspective you see it, the game won't be nothing to brag about. Stick to Mass Effect 2 if you want to make news about specualtions of potential X360 exclusives coming to PS3 where MassEffect 2 is really the ONLY one really people on the PS3 would like to play.

Pistolero3659d ago

I don't care whether you think it is something to brag about or not....all I care about is that I have always liked the Splinter Cell games more than the Metal Gear Solid games....all I care about is that the game is good and I get to play it on my console of choice.

captain-obvious3658d ago

key sentence
"fiscal year 2009-10 Q3"

pixelsword3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

It's people like you that makes the gaming mainstream look like a bunch of stupid kids. The gaming "community" is DEAD WRONG AND IGNORANT when they say that, just like you obviously are.

Your definition is not only incorrectly used, but it undermines your point.

Exclusive according to what the OXFORD DICTIONARY states is:

1 excluding or not admitting other things. (which is in the power of UBI)
2 restricted to the person, group, or area concerned. (singular when applied)
3 high-class and expensive; select. (due to price, not amount or numbers)
4 not published or broadcast elsewhere. (singular)

It doesn't matter what the gaming world uses, if they use words based in actual English, then the textbook English words override the implied usage, 'tard; any lawyer can tell you that: or if you make up an agreement, and you go to court, the textbook definition stands over any implied understanding. It's like talking to a bunch of dumb kids on this site sometimes.

On top of that, your definition suggests that the PC/360 or the game itself has the power to exclude according to the definition you provided, which is incorrect usage of that definition; The game nor consoles they play on does not grant it the power to exclude: the power has, and always has been in the hands of the company who created it, you don't even know how to use the words you are trying to use. What does "Excluding or having the power to exclude" have anything to do with the 360, PC, or game in and of themselves, they have no implicit power to exclude. For that definition to be correct in your usage, it means that you have to use the company that it excluding the game from others: UBI can make the game exclusive, but the game itself cannot exclude itself, nor can the 360 or PC make a game exclusive: UBI only has that ability; so to say "is exclusive" from the definition is incorrect: to say "is granted exclusivity" or "has granted exclusivity to (the following)" is correct, which is done in the perspective of the party granting rights to exclusivity; but if there is more than one party, it is NOT exclusive, so get that crap out of here.

That's why America is in the crapper, it's people like YOU and the eight stooges or the one person with eight accounts that ignore actual facts over things you like to hear.

I see why XBL has a bad reputation: it's people with child-like minds like yourself who flood an otherwise decent service with asinine chatter.

Goodness, I'm glad I never activated it on my 'box.

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Mamajuana3659d ago

TVGB: "Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has confirmed that next to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, the newly-announced Ghost Recon Future Solder will also be making its way to the Wii, PlayStation Portable as well as the DS. The CEO revealed the platforms during the company's fiscal year 2009-10 Q3 conference call
a few moments ago when asked to clarify on whether or not the game will be released on multiple consoles."

Goldenarmz3659d ago

wtf r u talking about? this article is about SPLINTER CELL the stuff you're posting is about GHOST RECON 2 VERY different games. Only thing they have in common is they are both by Ubisoft.

corneliuscrust3659d ago

i laughed pretty hard there ;) thx :)

Troll_Police3659d ago

Didn't Rockstar say the same thing about the GTA4 DLC?
Didn't 2K say the same thing about Bioshock?
Didn't SE say the same thing about Star Ocean?
Didn't Tecmo say the same thing about Ninja Gaiden 2?
Didn't Bethesda say the same thing about the Fallout 3 DLC?
Didn't Number None say the same thing about Braid?
Didn't Behemoth say the same thing about Castle Crashers?

Splinter Cell 1, 2, 3, and Double Agent were all on the Playstation so why would this one be any different? It's just another timed exclusive. Ubisoft contractually can't talk about the PS3 version right now.

Montrealien3659d ago

Troll Police?

nah, more like Cpt Obvious!


bioshock12213659d ago

No all of those companies never said it was never coming to the PS3 all they said was "No comment" as oppose to Ubisoft which has blatantly said it's not coming to the PS3.

swiftshot933659d ago

I distinctly remember Bethesda and 2K saying their games would never come to PS3.

exclusive_loser3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

you forgot Capcom's Lost Planet.

360 has lost nearly all of its (former) games. shame.

with that said I'll take PS3 games over 360 games anyday.
More diverse...
...and you know they are NEXT GEN GAMES.

Troll_Police3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

"There will be no PS3 version of BioShock. It has been explained time and time again."

Bethesda: "Fallout 3 DLC Won't Be Coming to the PlayStation 3"

EDIT: You people disagree with facts?!?!?!

pixelsword3659d ago

... You fight the revision of history with actual facts.

Although I think that Splinter Cell will remain on the 360 myself, you've provided very strong proof to the contrary.

xenogamer3659d ago

how embarrassed are you now bioshock? you should be.

exclusive_loser3659d ago

@ 3.7

Does it really matter? The principle is that, Xbox 360 has the tendency to lose its games.

Splinter Cell: Conviction has a 9 out 10 chance to land on PS3.

Sez 3659d ago

so going by all the links you provided. is it also safe to say that the agent will also be released for the 360/pc down the line. i mean you links shows the rockstar lied about the DLC being exclusive to the 360. so wouldn't that same logic hold true for "the agent" right.

before you disagree. note that sony paid for timed exclusive with GTA 2\3. when the contract was up they released it on the xbox. so why wouldn't the agent also be a timed exclusive.

GiantEnemyCrab3659d ago

Wow, I did not realize how many games come out on 360 first and not by a couple weeks or months but a year.

we won3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

-GTA is a Playstation brand
-Bioshock was in development for PS3 first, got axed then released after the 360 version
-Star Ocean is a PS series(PS2) developed on 360 because PS3 hardware wasn't finished and there were no dev kits.

You're sort of making your point based off of PS franchises getting more love on the 360.

@exclusive_loser or should I say SAAKING! why did you make a new account naming it "exclusive_loser" when everybody knows you use your Saaking account to troll 360 articles trying to make a big deal out of exclusives in every one? Come on man.

So becuase

War Devil
L.A. Noire
Fatal Inertia
2 Days to Vegas

came or are coming to the 360, this means all the PS3 games I wan't will come to the 360? So I can expect FF13 Versus on the 360? What's up with the DLC filler? I'm sure I forgot some older games but these are the bigger ones for the most part.

Bigboss193659d ago

Agent is a PS3 for afew reason one is Sony let Rockstar out of the excluisve agreement with GTA4 2nd Sony was funding L.A. Noire and Sony droped it making a deal with with Take 2 for not going after them for the money 3rd Rockstar said the wanted to PUSH sony hardware i highly doubt it will come to PS3 sony said the locked Agent 1-3

Socrates3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Agent, FFXIII Versus and Demon's Souls are all going to come to the 360.

TheBand1t3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Agent and FFVXIII? Possible. Demon's Souls, fraid not. Sony owns the IP.

gamer20103658d ago

Well I'm not necessarily saying you are wrong, but you know Wikipedia is not the most reliable source out there. My question is, if Sony owns the rights to Demon's Souls why was it published by Atlus in North America? If it is truly Sony's property why wouldn't they have been the ones to publish it in North America? Based on everything I could find I don't think Sony actually owns the rights to Demon's Souls.

Sez 3658d ago

i don't think sony owns the demon soul IP either.but alot of sonyfanboys are under this misconception that sony owns every new IP created by 3rd party dev's that only appear on their system. sony has gone on record and stated that they don't pay for exclusives. and i don't see dev's just saying " here sony take this new game we created and you have the rights to the game and any other future games in that series".

for sony to own these games. they have to be paying a nice mint for it. i know they aren't promising them that they will handle their marketing. because sony sucks at marketing their own games.

all these links that fanboys want to post shows. that 3rd party dev's can't be trusted when they say a game is exclusive. sony doesn't own every new IP out. unless it's by their 1st party studios. and publishing a game means nothing. when companies like tecmo can just add something new like a few new levels,extra char,extra mode, and put sigma on it. and you could get out your contract without any backlash from the publisher.

TheBand1t3658d ago

Man you guys are dumb as hell.

When you load it up, you get the same "Sony computer entertainment presents" Like in EVERY SONY OWNED IP GAME.

not to mention it was Co-developed by Sony's Japan Studio.

The only reason why it was published by Atlus is because it is a niche title, and presumably, Sony saw no profit in publishing outside Asian territories.

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3659d ago Replies(3)
Roper3163659d ago

That is what they HAVE to say until 6 months after release, then they will be singing a different tune. And if not and it does stay console exclusive to the 360 I will eventually get it when the price drops to about 20 bucks. I just refuse to pay new game prices on a system that only allows me to play half the game unless I give them more money to play the other half online.