Guardian: MAG Review

So you connect your console to the internet, wait more than half an hour for software updates to download and install, agree to a new set of terms and conditions, and then, once you've done all that, and then spent a couple of minutes customising your character, and then slogged through a rather buggy training mission, and THEN spent a good few hours getting to grips with the early levels, (which will mostly involving running around lost for a few minutes before getting shot in the head) – then, finally, you might start actually enjoying MAG. But not all that much.

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SeanScythe3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

Get a better connection loser. 5 minutes on download and quick character setup. Yeah the game takes getting used to but what new games with new levels don't. I can tell you right now no one starts a new game knowing where they are or what to do right away. Oh wait COD which is rinse, wash, repeat... Yeah I guess on those tiny little maps it's not to hard for your small brain to figure out what you're supposed to do when there is only 11 other people playing.

Pennywise3664d ago

Yeah - He should get friends that say they are inviting him, but then join a game! LOL

This review is a joke.

HighDefinition3664d ago

Wow, they wrote the review from the beta.

The 1/2hr install was part of the beta, NOT the full game.

VileAndVicious3664d ago

I was just sitting here thinking what the hell is this guy talking about? You dont download ANYTHING when you first get MAG. But for the BETA there is a 3 hour download....
Someone needs to remove this trash.

Pennywise3664d ago

I dont care what any site has said - MAG = 2010 Online game of the year.

raztad3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

MAG is INCREDIBLE. I really doubt it can be topped. It has too much going on. Today I finally bought a MIC, just for MAG. See you on the battlefield guys.


I'm enjoying MAG A LOT bro. I dont have that much time for playing, just a couple of hours/day but every hour has been of pure unadulterated fun. I'm already getting complains from my wife.

The funny fact is MAG wasnt in my radar. KZ2 was my game, R2 is my coop fix and I was interested in BC2 (got a beta key). BC2 was fun but I felt it wasnt that different from KZ2 besides the destructive buildings so I lost interest. MAG on the other hand was like a revolution. So much different and deep.

VileAndVicious3664d ago

Have any of you guys tried it out yet? I played it for a few hours and it wasn't all that impressive to me. I can see why some would like it, but its just not for me. I think MAG has ruined alot of FPS's for me in the future. The scope of the battles is just SO large and the leadership abilities are king.

Pennywise3664d ago

I hate to even talk about what I think about the bfbc2 demo/beta.

Everyone disagrees with me because it is a cool game to like, but I felt the battle was a small area lacking fun. The graphics didn't seem better than MAG with 16 people and I guarantee it will get praised like the second coming.

gijsbrecht3664d ago

I think you are right. The demo of BFBC2 just didn't do it for me. And I have only experienced MAG through all the comments and YouTube and that alone seems more exciting than all other FPS's. Although I still regard KZ2 as my favorite.

And @ Raz; I think you're one of the most avid promoters of MAG on this site. Nice to see someone being so enthusiastic about a game. I'm thinking about picking it up also; I'm just a little worried about the amount of time you have to invest. With a single player you can choose your own rhythm. But with an MP it's not as casual. I notice that with my time spent on the MP of KZ2.

Pennywise3664d ago

You can get away with Casual with MAG. There is no rush really. Players reach 60 and start all over all the time.

gijsbrecht3664d ago

That would indeed take away my main reason for not picking it up. Although I can imagine you do have to have some sort of dedication towards the game. It certainly seems to deserve that from what I have seen so far.

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jack_burt0n3664d ago

damn the guardian reviews are such crap

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