GameZone: Dante's Inferno: Divine Edition Review

GameZone: The purpose of gaming is simple – have fun. Dante's Inferno is fun, and give Visceral Games props for the graphical vision, but there is little about the game that is fresh – aside from the look, that is.

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Caspel3173d ago

sounds like a disappointing game :(. C'mon God of War 3, show EA how it's done.

slickguy19863173d ago

does not always mean something is worth the money. Point in case, this game. Looks visually captivating though.

darthv723173d ago

That is the key ingredient for me to purchase a game. Some of the funnest games I own are not the most graphic powerhouses or even original. This game may look like GoW and play like GoW but it isn't GoW. It is still fun and that makes it a win for me. I give it an 8.

Maximum Yuks3173d ago

Wow, I thought this game would be a lot better. Bummer :/

trig4563173d ago

the graphics just look too good... but that won't mean much if the gameplay isn't up to par. loved the book though..

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The story is too old to be commented.