Sign-up for LEGO Universe Beta today - testing begins soon

The upcoming LEGO Universe MMO is soon going to be available for beta testing. Game developer NetDevil is nearing the game's final development stage and is looking for gamers to test the LEGO MMO.

For a chance to be among the first to play LEGO Universe and give your input on the gameplay, go to You'll have to setup a free LEGO ID, if you haven't already. You'll be asked your level of online play experience, one simple question, and you can send in your chance for a beta key. You should then get a registration confirmation via email, which confirms you have signed up for the LEGO Universe Beta test. Then it's just a matter of waiting.

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RedVsBlue3659d ago

Where do we answer the question of game play experience ? I signed up for an account but these idiots are not being specific on what to do next

Heartnet3655d ago

i went back to their homepage and it was just their saying sign up.