Andy Park on God of War 3

Video interview with God of War 2 and 3 concept artist, Andy Park.

In addition to the video interview CGChannel was also able to pick up some artwork from Andy's portfolio, as well as some artwork from God of War 2 and the upcoming God of War 3.

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Gamerbee5278d ago

The reason I bought a PS3. Ive waited years for this game. Before all the fanboy bullshit & wannabe titles. One more month baby.

PimplePopperMD5278d ago

God of War is superior to these played out repeats. The franchise went to poop once Jaffe left.

HelghanEmperor5278d ago

so basically you are saying you don't like God of War 2. That's one game!! I hardly think that would be enough to say the whole franchise went to sh*t.

Second of all, what was so bad about GOW2. Was it the large scale environments you did not like, or maybe the solid gameplay was too much for you.

I'm going to take the safe bet and say your an idot who is just trolling.

PirateThom5278d ago

Yeah, Jaffe only made the first game in the franchise.

2 was a huge improvement and CoO was a decent portable representation.

Gamerbee5278d ago

God of War.
The reason I bought a PS3. I've waited years for this game. Before all the fanboy bullshit & wannabe titles. One more month baby.

Lilith_Belial5278d ago

WOOHOOO OHH YEAHH BABY,Kratos, here I come!!!! waaaaaa ooohhhhh my god i feel like heavy, is it the god of war cereal I had this morning? who cares if Castro shot Kennedy, get my slusheeeee cuppp


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JL2930260d ago

Both requels over 2 and 3? Clowns. Those are two of the most boring games I've ever played.

Snookies12260d ago

GoW 3 was amazing, but I personally hated just one thing. (This is on me alone, because I was dumb, lol.) I hated that you couldn't skip cutscenes on repeat playthroughs. I had to go back through the game a third time because I missed one trophy accidentally on my way to the platinum... The cutscenes were great the first go round, even the second... But the third was pretty agonizing.

Haven't played Ragnarok, but I still think GoW 4 is a wonderful game in its own right. Not sure how I would stack them up against each other honestly.

Monstieur260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

I don't consider the reboot part of the original series. The original series were high-skill games with combos and rewards for mixing things up.

solideagle259d ago

lol square, square and triangle is the only combo you needed. I have played all of them on the hardest difficulties...

Golfcoachh260d ago

Maybe I’m just old school but I just couldn’t get into the last two. Maybe it’s the slower action and more story telling but the original trilogy was by far my favorite.

Crows90260d ago

It's not that youre old school. They're different genres

JL2930258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

Me either, at all. It's just yap yap yap. They try to be a RPG's instead of being action games like they used to be.

Fluke_Skywalker259d ago

I'd put the two psp games over 3 in terms of story any day. But not over 2.

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TheEnigma313260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

My favorite was part 2 and I think Ragnarok is better that 2018.

Shane Kim260d ago

The newer games are better imo.

ravens52260d ago

There is no worst. Except for Ascension, only cause I didn't play it lol. They are all masterpieces. 1,2,3, 2018 and Ragnarok. 1 of, if not the greatest video game franchise...besides MetalGear.

Snookies12260d ago

Oh wow, I actually forgot that Ascension even existed... I never played it either.

Crows90260d ago

I like ascension. It was different and some interesting combat additions.

darthv72260d ago

If you didnt play it, how could you call it the worst? Its not as bad as the media portrayed it. Honestly the worst are those flash games. they arent even considered true GoW games but in name only. At least Ascension is a real GoW game.

ravens52259d ago

Not saying it's a terrible game. Just mean it's at the bottom of my list. I played a little bit of it. Jus to me, compared to the other main games, it's last.

Fluke_Skywalker259d ago

Ascension is the only GOW game I never finished. Hated it.

Inverno260d ago

Can't agree, older games do so much more than the last two. More weapons, magic abilities, enemies are more varied, level design is also more aesthetically pleasing, and agree with those who say that they shouldn't have removed jumping. Was a time I'd agree, but those old games are so so much better, that they really should've looked into bringing into the reboot/sequels.

Crows90260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

If a game is good then a game is good. Doesn't matter what came before or what comes after.

Inverno259d ago

Of course it matters. If not for what what came before there wouldn't be an after. And if something is great before then you strive to make it just as good if not better, after. I personally don't think there's a fair way to judge the new with the old because the newer games are still essentially a reboot, and went a way different direction. But I still believe the old games did it better. I'm probably bias though since I've been going back to old games and have been finding that they lack all the annoying aspects that devs have shoehorned into new games to fluff out game time.

Crows90259d ago


Im not talking about the passage of time here. Im talking about individual pieces of software. If a game is good then it is good. Thats not a controversial statement. You can compare good with good...sure. But you still end up with good. Now if there is a bad game in the mix and you compare you do end up with some differentials between them...makes sense to compare and see where it went wrong.

But theyre different genres and styles which were individually executed very well.

And no. The new games are not a reboot. Theyre a new direction but simply a continuation.
Tomb raider was a reboot.