Forza 3 Sells 2 Million, New Tracks

MyInsideGamer writes:

"Get the balloons out and put on your party hats because Forza 3, the premier Xbox 360 racing sim has sold a whopping 2 million copies since its release in October. To celebrate this, Turn 10 have release two new tracks today from the Nürburgring Grand Prix."

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chidori6663660d ago

gran turismo 5 prologue sell 4.80 m..

N4PS3G3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

2M - [ Price-$60]- [ On Sale 4 months ]
4.6M - [ Launch Price: $ 38-40-Current Price: $ 29-25 Now ]-[On sale] 2yrs/2months

"April 30, 2008, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue had shipped 2.23 million worldwide according to Sony Computer Entertainment and Polyphony Digital, with 270,000 units in Japan, 550,000 in North America, 1.38 million in Europe, and 30,000 in Asia"

GT5 Prologue shipped 2M units in 5 months. Forza 3 sold 2M in 4 months at $60 :O

Flopzaa confirmed!

3660d ago
Michael-Jackson3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Yes, Flopzaa is confirmed, it's competing with a DEMO, omg. The real thing will sell faster, because the fact is - people passed on this game because it's a demo, I did.

Dev8 ing3660d ago

So what you're saying is a demo with 70 cars and 6 tracks sold almost as much as a full release with more than 400 cars and 3x as many tracks and a track editor. The demo is 2/3 the price with 1/3 of the content.

sack_boi3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Just shows how stupid you guys are. A demo is the second best selling PS3 exclusive, #1 being a movie.

Seriously guys step your game up.

N4PS3G3660d ago


"The demo is 2/3 the price with 1/3 of the content."

First of all it sells for 1/2 not 2/3 and thanks for proving the point..GT5 Demo has been out for 2 years and 2 months and sells right now for half the price of forza. Price DOES make a difference and for Forza 3 to sell 2M faster than GT5 Prologue in less time and at a higher price does say something.

devsgreat3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

what do you bots call when a ps game sell 2M units?...
its a good game and its not a total flop, its pretty good, not what turn 10 promise it would be but still good
but lets face it:

Trebius3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Whenever a Ps3 exclusive sells 2mil in a month it's a flop, so THIS is beyond that. lol.

Beaten by a little demo with not even half the content.

No one buys anything but shooters on the 360, it's proven constantly...look at bayonetta and all the RPGs haha.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_3660d ago

Micro$oft claim the xBox 360 sold 39 Million so 37 million xBox 360 owners didn't buy it then??? MEGA-FLOP-ZAAAAAAAA!!! ;-D

JasonPC360PS3Wii3660d ago

Nice pwnage N4PS3G bubbles up

Major_Tom3659d ago

Wow, Xbox 360 users just completely stopped buying games huh?

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DelbertGrady3660d ago

Congratulations, Turn 10! And congratulations to all gamers who enjoyed this fine game.

green3660d ago

Great sales for a great game.

StanLee3660d ago

Well, they're half way towards the second's success.

Montrealien3660d ago

cup is half full a stan? thanks for the input though.

great sales for a great racer.

sack_boi3660d ago

Congratulations Turn 10.

commodore643660d ago

2 million in 3 months at full price release?


I think not!
Congrats Turn 10.

The Maxx3660d ago

Agreed. I enjoy the game immensely and purchased the collectors edition. I just can't get enough of the car tuning and customization.

eagle213660d ago

Maybe now Turn-10 will learn some humility. This is not even close to what GT5 will sell. :)

Yi-Long3660d ago

... but I already have Forza 1 and 2, and I won't buy games that DLC-milk me out of extra money. Especially not a game that already re-uses tracks that were in the first 2 games, and doesn't have enough original tracks in the game.

I'll pick up Forza 3 once there is a complete version released, with all the DLC included on the disc, for 30 bucks orso.

The Maxx3660d ago

Your comment makes no sense at all. Why would Turn 10 learn some Humility? GT5 isn't out. You have no idea what GT5 will sell like, nor do you know how well the game will be reviewed.

With all these delays and now going on 6 years to develop, it would seem to me that PD has leaned humility since they are the ones that have had to push back the games release to implement things like damage into the game all thanks to Turn 10.

evrfighter3660d ago

Without Turn 10, damage in racing "sims" wouldn't be a realization. What is considered competition in the gaming/hardware industry results in greater satisfaction by the consumer. Much like without ATI/Amd, video cards or cpu's would not be where they are and definately not be as affordable as they are today.

It's never a bad thing to have favorites just as long as you realize the competitor of your favorite can only do more good than harm to gamers.

soxfan20053660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Critical succes & commercial success - two benchmarks of a great franchise.

Congtratulations to Turn 10 on a superb game.

cmrbe3660d ago

to not selling 2 million on day one is a flop?. Man you x360 fans are so freaking hypocritical.

kaveti66163660d ago

Correction: Xbox 360 fanBOYS are hypocritical. As a fan of the 360, am I hypocritical because some fanboy made a claim that I don't even agree wtih?

Do you judge entire groups of people based on individual behavior?

And if I'm not mistaken, aren't you a PS3 fanBOY? What are you even doing here?

blue7xx73660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Yeah I agree I just got the game yesterday and I'm loving it good job Turn 10. But didn't they say Forza 3 sold 2 million a while ago I'm pretty sure I read it a while ago.

cmrbe3660d ago

Whatever dude. I bet $100 that at least one of the people above me trolled PS3 game sales articles lambasting PS3 game sales for not selling 2 million on day one and calling them a flop.

2 million is FREAKING!!! two million. That is a big achievement but somehow alot of your fellow buddies celebrate that if its a x360 exclusive and call PS3 exclusives flops if they sell just as well if not more. Its just funny to see.

kaveti66163660d ago

Yeah, you'd win that bet, but what you're saying is completely beside the point.

I've said it time and time again, two wrongs don't make a right.

What sympathy do you hope to earn for the Sony side if you're going to do same thing as the 360 fanboys you criticize? You're no different from them. You're just rooting for another product.

If you had not come on this thread to make those remarks and had rather said it in a PS3 thread, then it wouldn't have been hypocritical.

But it is hypocritical, and no amount of "But they started it first" is going to make it okay,

TheBlackSmoke3660d ago

Wait so is this a flop or not? i forgot to keep up with the 360 fanboy's new rule changes for this week.

Leathersoup3660d ago

Yay Turn 10. Let's celebrate your sales by charging people 4 times what you did the last time around.

Forza 2, Road America released for 100 MS points.
Forza 3, Nurburgring GP released for 400 MS points.

Turn 10 is apparently the new way of spelling rape.

cmrbe3660d ago

No, i just wanted to point out how hypocritical you people are. I never said selling 2 million is a flop. Heck selling a million is a success. It has always been the case. I am old enough to understand that. It's just freaking funny and ironic to see the same people blast PS3 exclusives for not selling 2 million on day 1 and here they are celebrating the Definative racing gaming!! selling 2 million in 90 days and saying it's a success.

DelbertGrady3660d ago

I just lost a bubble for congratulating Turn 10 lol! And got 27 disagrees as well. This place is ridicolous at times.

Anon19743660d ago

It's not my thing but I've heard nothing but good things about this game, and it's had decent sales to boot. It certainly seems that Turn 10 put out a great product.

beardpapa3660d ago

bubbles to soda & kavet. ridiculous but ignoring the comments, it's a good place for me to know what hit games are coming out and what's going on in the gaming industry.

IntelligentAj3660d ago

Why are people getting disagrees for congratulating a company on reaching a milestone. I'm not on the main page much but damn has it gotten that bad? And Congrats to Turn 10, 2 million is a great point no matter your stance

mega BIG time3659d ago

lol this site cracks me up.. look at the disagrees on the first 12 comments. Should give you an idea who lurks these articles.

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belal3660d ago

sales= games quality.

so forza is now a avreage game. since it hasn't passed 5 million mark.

N4PS3G3660d ago

love it when they cut their legs all by themselves! :)

GT5 Prologue hasn't passed 5M mark either .. so no quality there i guess... at least one of them has a 92 on metacritic instead of 80 :O

Karooo3660d ago

96 in metacritic and 3 million sales how sad.

sadder is the fact out of 39 million only 2 million copies of forza 3 were sold.

360 guys only buy shooters and thats a fact.

Foxgod3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

You forgot to mention the huge competition Forza3 faced, and the piracy on the 360.

So 2 million in 4 months, is not bad.

Tony-A3660d ago

I'm pretty sure he was trying to prove the point that over 1 million on the PS3 is considered failure while over 1 million on the 360 is considered from good to awesome, according to 360 fanboys.


"Uncharted 2 Hits 3 Million (sooner)" - IN 3 MONTHS? FLOP!/ GEARS OF WAR CLONE FLOPZZ.

And one more thing. GT5 Prologue hit just under 5 Million, despite everyone knowing it was just another quick way for PD to get some money. It worked, and sold more than Forza 2, which is older. Try selling a Forza 3: Prologue to make well over 4 million. It's not possible.

N4PS3G3660d ago


1. Uncharted 2 sold 3M copies in your mind only because not even VGchartz (inflated.Estimated) numbers have it at 3M.

2. I'm going to be so kind to use VG chartz numbers even thou it doesn't benefit me since i know its less but anyways according to them Uncharted 2 "sold" 2.8M

3. Now.. if you're going to say that it's sad for Forza 3 to sell 2M in 4 months with 39M 360's , i could say sadder is the fact that out of 33.5M ps3 owners ..One of the best games of the decade with 96 on Metacritic and tons of Game of The Year award only sold (2.8M-at best)

In the end no one said selling that was sad except case you don't get my sarcasm..the only person here who said this was the original comment of this replies * aka-Belal


I bet my house that a Forza 3: Prologue could sell over 4M if priced like GT5Prologue. People seem to forget GT5 Prologue sells for 29 bucks right now and not $60 like Forza. Price DOES make a difference

Michael-Jackson3660d ago

80 on Metacritic? what wrong with 80 for a demo, OMG! it's less than half a game.

N4PS3G3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

A demo that started selling at $40 has every right to get reviewed and to score well too.

GTA: Expansions sell for the same right now and scored 89

DLC sells for less and gets reviewed too.. some even get great scores

Why can it be the same for GT5 Prologue? If they didn't want review then put the demo online for free instead of pricing it like a game. If you price something as a game expect it to get reviewed for what it is. If it scored 80 it wasn't solely on price or the fact it only a "demo" but also quality.

Shane Kim3660d ago

And how many do you think have bought GT5:P lately? A two year old demo. Just face guys only buy Halo...All other exclusives on your system are compareable to PS3 if you take install base into consideration.

Tony-A3660d ago

If the full Forza game can't break 3 million (at the moment), what makes you think an overpriced demo version of it would sell millions?

Because it's $20 off an actual game? That's not how it works. If it did, you'd see Burnout Paradise sell more than Wii Sports.

GT4P and GT5P sold upwards of over 4 million copies. The full GT4 game sold over 10 million. I'm not saying GT5 would do the same, but judging by history (GT3 sold 14 million, despite the PS2's small fanbase at the time of it's release), I'd say it looks pretty likely.

That's why I'm saying a Forza Prologue definitely won't do as good as a GT Prologue. Not even the full Forza games come close to half of what GT full games sell.

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BeaArthur3660d ago

Still haven't gotten around to picking this one up. Liked the demo but I have always been more of a GT5 fan (also I have to many other games to play). I'll wait to see what GT5 scores before I decide. Seems like a great game though.

Montrealien3660d ago

So you will wait over a year after Forza 3 launched to see how GT scores before you pick this one up? I know GT will score well, and I will be buying it day one, but I got Forza 3 day one also, becuase it scored well. I just find your reasoning a little flawed, I guess you arent a racing fan, so I guess that makes complete sense.

I do agree with you though, there are alot of great games to play, even I didnt get a chance to really play Forza 3.

sack_boi3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Yea I've always been a GT fan as well. This will surprise many but the reason I love the GT series is because I don't have to worry about my car taking damage.
I hope in GT5 we'll be able to turn on-off the "damage".

By the way, I bought Forza 2 and 3 day 1 and they're both excellent.

Foxgod3660d ago

Yeah, you could have played a race game for a whole year....

BeaArthur3660d ago

Montrealien...well it's a combination of two factors. First I am a racing fan but it is definitely not my favorite genre. Second, as I stated earlier there are a bunch of games that have come out since Forza 3's release and there are a bunch of games coming out before GT5. Since I am not a massive racing fan I'm not going to be buying multiple racing titles in a year. So from my perspective it is completely logical to wait and see which one I want to get.

Foxgod...yes I could have, but again, I will survive without playing racing games all the time.

Montrealien3660d ago

Well, you felt the need to share that with us, in an article about a racing game.

I am sure many people will agree with you so I guess you got n4G figured out. ;)

sack_boi3660d ago

Guys quit being so defensive, he didn't say anything bad about the game.

PoSTedUP3660d ago

there is a good chance you would have liked forza3 more, and vice versa, and applys to every other genre. should try them both imo.

Montrealien3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

I never said he did Sack boi. And I am not being defensive, just observant.

BeaArthur3660d ago

PoSTedUP...true, but once again, I am more of a casual racing fan. I do love the GT series and I'm sure I would enjoy Forza as well. The problem is with a full time career and a wife I just don't have time to play as many games as I would like. So unfortunately some cuts have to be made and one of those cuts is the amount of time I spend playing racing games.

Montrealien3660d ago

I completly agree with you Bea, those are tough calls indeed, lol

the sacrifices us gamers do for love I tell ya.

BeaArthur3660d ago

Montrealien...a tough life to live for a gamer but I get by.

sack_boi3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Same here (college and job) look at my GT and PSNID, they're pathetic.

PoSTedUP3660d ago

i understand, i go to school and work etc. i was just seeing how you said you were going to look at the scores first, i mean you could if you like to and base it on that, but i just hate when i hear that lol. try them both first to really know which one you like better, but if you like to base it on score thats ok too (but i will hate you for it) lol jk.

catguykyou3660d ago

Just a hypothetical question. If GT5 came out and sold poorly and got avg reviews, what would the GT fans that keep stating its glory do? How would you react?

I don't care for either franchise as I prefer more arcade style racers like Burnout.

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Karooo3660d ago

its the best racing simulator till now I guess till GT5 comes out.

But hats of to turn 10 its really a brilliant game.

Foxgod3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Indeed, Turn10 had all the rights to brag, they knew their game would be the best thing out for a whole year.
Afterall, GT5 wont come to the west until the end of 2010.

One year after GT5, Forza 4 will come out, to set the bar once more.

3660d ago
Erotic Sheep3660d ago

What bars did Forza 3 set then Foxgod? They didn't brag.. they BASHED. But I don't think you're capable of understanding anyway..

corneliuscrust3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

They were definitely arrogant.. but I don't remember them openly bashing PD or GT5. On top of that, they actually ARE the definitive racing game right now on consoles, until GT5 comes out to settle the score.

Forza definitely set some standards for customization, paint, rewind feature
etc. Forza 3 came out and GT5 went through some delays. Maybe it was a coincidence, and maybe not.

Great game by T10 and probably the most fun I've ever had racing.

can't wait to see what PD busts out this gen. They are definitely perfectionists where T10 are not.

Kratos2153660d ago

have long development times. But as far as racing sims go forza might be the best out right now but the best racing game I've played this gen is Motorstorm:Pacific Rift.

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