Modern Patch Fail 1.0.182

It's a shame when a game gets worse after a patch. In this case the game is officially ruined for some. The latest patch has literally screwed the game up majorly. Just imagine failure such as infinite ammo, host invincibility, flying anywhere and no gravity. Now open your eyes and welcome to the reality of this all being true. Modern Warfare 2 for the PC is officially destroyed.

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Jumper093665d ago

haha this game is soooooooooo bad :D

BeaArthur3665d ago

I would call it a total mess before I would call it bad. If they had public beta tested this would have been a great sequel. As it is, it's a giant cluster of crappy patch work. Traded this game in a month ago.

VileAndVicious3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

I concur.
I will NEVER purchase a Call of Duty game ever again...

BeaArthur3665d ago

VileAndVicious...I might give them another shot because MW was excellent but I am already hooked on the BC2 demo and I will be playing that to satisfy my Modern Warfare needs for the foreseeable future.

champ213665d ago

Activision is doing all in its power to ensure no one is playing mw2 by the time the next cod is out, so ppl buy the next COD(remapped mw1 ofcourse just like mw2).

StanLee3665d ago

I've been getting more and more into BFBC2 and to be honest, I don't even care anymore about MW2. Once you put aside the instant gratification that MW2 gives you like kills and killstreaks and focus on team objectives like spoting and reviving teammates and actually playing the objective, you'll realise, BFBC2 is a better game. Can't wait for March 2nd.

DaTruth3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Man, it's hilarious reading this crap every week. Sometimes after I finish reading another "MW2 new glitch/hack" article, I ponder what kind of funny glitch is next; Then they drop "no gravity" and "fly anywhere", things I never could have come up with in my wildest dreams!

@MW2 Defense force: Is it okay to not like this game now?

raztad3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

MW2 is a glitch fest, a collection of game breaking bugs, campers paradise and on top of that the campaign is short as hell, still it got away with 9+. LOL. Gaming industry is screwed and most gamers are just buying hype.

"bububu buh 9x9 is teh tightz"

evrfighter3665d ago

"@MW2 Defense force: Is it okay to not like this game now? "

you only hate it cuz its the kewl thing to do right now!

I believe that's something along the lines of what their reply would be

Boody-Bandit3665d ago

I played it for a few hours the past couple days on XBL and the game is still broken. The biggest glitch being exploited now is the unlimited crate glitch. It's freaking annoying to be in a game where you are constantly being bombarded with one ariel attack after another. The funniest part was the team glitching still lost the game.

DaTruth3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Lol, that was funny!

But my post history says otherwise! Before release I just felt others had a right to not want the game when the defense force would jump on every comment with an opinion that the game wouldn't be good. They called them MW2 Haters and proclaimed all PS3 fans hated it because it wasn't exclusive(which is weird because they bought COD4 in droves).

Is that why you hate the PS3? Nuthin' kewl'r than hatin' on the PS3!

pimpmaster3665d ago

this is why pc gaming sucks

znu3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

ps3 console version is practically glitch free...
cept for lag, thats the biggest buzzkill

aside from maybe the 500 people on n4g who hate mw2, the rest of the world loves it. Atleast 200 people from my skool have this game and thoroughly enjoy it; xbox360 or ps3 version.

Now im gonna lose all my bubbles for stating my opinion, i can't force any1 to like/hate the game, i just feel you have an unjustifiable hate for the game (or you just suck at it, either or, no offense personally)

Karum3664d ago

I'll give you a bubble for being genuinely honest in your opinion, despite me disagreeing with you (that disagree isn't from me though).

The COD series was getting old for me because it was the same rehashed WW2 shooter every time, MW1 was a breath of fresh air, absolutely great. Now I like COD on PC, I still have the original game sitting on my shelf in fact.

The reason I am now done with the series, activision and Infinity Ward is because how they have treated all gamers as opposed to just PC gamers. They stripped out the features that made the PC version great which is basically a big f*** you to the community that had a huge hand in making them and the franchise what it is today. Not only that but they released a game with a horribly short SP campaign, a game that is incredibly glitchy and is forever being patched because of a lack of foresight in having a beta. On top of all this they raised the price of the damn game!!

Now I'm not saying the game isn't fun, MW1 was hella fun and I doubt the gameplay has got worse (apart from said bugs/glitches) but I simply refuse to support a franchise and company guilty of these things. Will it make a difference? Absolutely not, the game still has sold a shedload but I don't like giving custom to companies that shovel crap like this at me.

Trevorthenerd3664d ago

Glad I did not buy this game... Its strange that all of my friends on xbl like it tho they must be sheep LOL

evrfighter3664d ago

I've actually given my reasons for my dislike of ps3 fanboys.

It's not the system but the fanboys remind me too much of apple zealots. I've had my fill of mac vs. pc debates years ago. When I came to n4g I could have swore ps3 fanboys were the same zealots I was debating in disguise.

It's like drinking 20 some shots of whiskey one night. Years later you still can't stand the smell of it.

Karum3664d ago

PS3 and 360 fanboys are as bad as each other.

Although Apple fanboys are easily the worst of any, I deal with plenty of them in work.

evrfighter3664d ago

I won't argue that I know 360 fanboys are fail. But a different breed of fail. To me 360 gamers in general (not just fanboys) are the source for the real gaming issues today. For example they are the source of income and the justification Dev's and Publishers needed to make the disease known as DLC "ok". They make/made it ok for publishers to gouge gamers in general.

Far different from ps3 fanboys. Who are just so blinded by loyalty to a corporation that cares nothing about them. They throw logic out the window to make themselves appear to be correct. Too similar to apple zealots which might explain my dislike for them.

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meetajhu3665d ago

Yes this game sucks to the core. I was saying it from the time i saw its first footage. BC2:BC FTW

Look_Behind3665d ago

There was a patch last week to fix the infinite care package glitch, problem is all you have to do now is press R2 to get a claymore out. Apart from that the glitch can be done exactly the same as pre-patch. That means there needs to be a 3rd patch to fix the care package glitch. WHY NOT BETA TEST IT!???

BeaArthur3665d ago

I'm not looking to stir the pot but this is why I don't play PC games online. As bad as the console version is this is even worse.

tastydonuts3665d ago

My question is how folks find stuff like the infinate resupply glitch. Is it something in the code on the PC version, or does 1 find it out, abuse it, and spread the information primarily via forums, YouTube, etc?

BeaArthur3665d ago

For consoles it's pure trial and error. Some times they stumble across it sometimes they work at exploiting a section of the game. As far as the PC versions go, I have no idea.

tastydonuts3665d ago

I try to imagine that no one has the time to sit down to repetitively play these games section by section just to try and break them (and *aren't* employed by the developers), but I guess its probably the case that there are tons of these people and that's how these glitches get discovered. Sigh.

Double Toasted3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

its more along the lines of the people they bring in to play and test the game throughout the course of development. They find the glitches and bugs and memorize them and when the game is out they're the ones with the know-how to exploit...

BeaArthur3665d ago

Realistically most glitches are probably stumbled on to. If IW had an open beta then a lot of these probably would have been discovered prior to launch and would not have ruined the game for everyone.

DaTruth3665d ago

I could see the Javelin glitch being stumbled upon.

3665d ago
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sikbeta3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Modern Patch Fail 1.0.182? lol

I thought it was Modern Patch Fail

Letros3665d ago

I mean its just ridiculous online, hackers, lag, etc. I DO NOT know how it has such a high playtime on Steam and Xfire.

Thank god BC2 is just around the corner, DEDICATED servers make all the difference, oh yea and DX11 and vehicles and destructible environments are awesome too!

BeaArthur3665d ago

I'm right there with you. Totally hooked on the demo. DICE did an excellent job balancing the vehicles and anti-vehicle weapons. The first time I saw the tank I was like oh s*** but now I just see it as a big (still very dangerous) target. On the flip side being in the tank constantly makes me scan for any engineers sneaking up from behind.

infamousinfolite3665d ago

Yea BC2 in my opinion is a whole lot better game to go to, and other shooters as well, lag was too much, plus I like games where you have an assign guns to certain ppl like Recons, Assaults, etc I will be enjoying BC2 when It comes out.