XBW: Mass Effect 2 Review

XBW writes: "If I were a betting man, and you could actually bet on these things; I'd say we've already found the Game of the Year in January. The sequel to Bioware's sci-fi epic, Mass Effect, was always going to be a special event, because Bioware are masters of their craft. It's like they create a simple, yet competent shooter, and then proceed to add a dash of the simpler role-playing aspects; and lastly, let it set into an epic, well-paced journey to save the galaxy that is surprisingly not as corny as it should be. How they do it, I'll never know, but I'm sure glad they do. That being said, is Mass Effect 2 everything its predecessor was and more? While I've seen no evidence of alien side-boob this time around, I've seen a lot to love about this game."

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