Ghost Recon: Future Soldier confirmed for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

The Lost Gamer writes "Following confusion earlier when the released PR made no mention of Sony's current console, Kimi Matsuzaki, Senior Community Developer for Ubisoft, has confirmed that Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is heading for PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360."

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Bungie3665d ago


more people to enjoy it

mjolliffe3665d ago

It'll be awesome. And no matter what, I'm getting into that beta :)

GVON3665d ago

Got fond memories of the first one,bought my first HDTV 50in my first current gen system 360,and was F in blown away by it,hell of a day :)
The second one was good but I traded it in quickly,hopefully they capture the magic of the first otherwise i'll probably pass.

sack_boi3665d ago

OH noez the exclusive was only a day old.

frankymv3665d ago

3rd party devs need to spread the cost of HD development across the 360 and PS3

CyberCam3665d ago

to me it seems that Ubisoft does favour the 360 over the other 2 platforms (when it comes to their high quality next-gen games, not the wii exclusives). I guess most of their studios prefer the 360.

SL1M DADDY3665d ago

It pains me to see that some people feel that exclusivity of a third party game is for the best. In the end, it is best to see more folks get to play the games.

Doc Sony3665d ago

We all know you said that with a tear in your eye Bungie.

ProjectVulcan3665d ago

Well who is gonna do the PC version seeing as though GRIN have shuffled off this mortal coil, and is it actually going to be a direct port from the consoles this time?

Blaze9293665d ago

wtf was the point on annoucing this through Xbox LIVE then? Just said both games will be the same and come out the same time on all platforms. FFS this was extremely pointless.

dragonelite3665d ago

Dam this wasn't even announced as a exclusive.
The 360 just got the beta.

FragGen3665d ago

I want a PSP version, too! :) The Tom Clancy shooters (GRAW and R6) they did do for it were underrated on the PSP! R6V is one of my fave PSP games.

Bigpappy3665d ago

Ubi said, very early in this gen, that the 360 will be their lead platform. When Socom was big on PS2 Ghost was big on Xbox, when MG was exclusive to PS2 Ubi created SC on Xbox. Ubi was a strong supporter of Xbox form the word go. They can take credit as the second most important developer to ever work on Xbox. When each Xbox launched, Ubi was there with a Ghost. There are still my favorite war games, The eight player co-op is still the best I have played. Ps3 owners will get some love from Ubi. Just don't expect no SUPERIOR version than what you will see on 360.

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tehReaper3665d ago

I didn't figure it would. It seemed to me when they released it on LIVE that it was just an exclusive announcement like Capcom did with Lost Planet 2.

likedamaster3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Everyone knows where these franchises started at, including Lost Planet.

fishd3665d ago

I have never been so shocked in my entire life!

Domer253665d ago

Everybody should enjoy this game.

TheBand1t3665d ago

Man, I want a Rainbow Six in the vein of Rainbow Six: Raven Shield. ):

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The story is too old to be commented.