Gamereactor: Global Agenda review

Gamereactor writes: "In the end, Global Agenda is a great indie-MMO. It has great PvP, gear and levels. It is addictive enough to tear my interest away from Team Fortress 2, and PvP-centric MMOs like Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. While Conquest still remains a big question mark, not only for me personally but also for the game's future as a whole, Global Agenda has me hooked for the time being. It might not be the prettiest game in the world, but it runs smoothly on my computer without any framerate drops in important or hectic situations."

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Dylken3659d ago

Recon for the Win! having a blast with this game

Myst3659d ago

Saw your earlier comment on the "5 things" article. Your really making me want to buy it as soon as I get home :p.