StarCraft 2 Beta Forums Opening Soon

The strange downtime at forums the other week seems to have resulted in a "StarCraft II Beta - English (EU)" forum opening soon.

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JonahNL3669d ago

Sounds promising enough. I´m guessing the beta will drop next month, it´s the only reason why we´d have so much news going on about the beta at the moment. We´ll see.

Leord3669d ago

There has been a few of these "leaks" in the past few weeks. Not a proper leak, just *signs something is cooking* inside Blizzard.

I mean, for every one of these mistakes, they must do a hundred completely covert changes on the inside.

Leord3669d ago

This is a big company, and even though they are very good at keeping secrets, once in a while one leaks out.

These are not really secrets as such. Perhaps they don't care, or perhaps it's intentional, to start beta hype.

However, considering last year, I don;t think they would be intentionally fuelling the fire like they have unless it's actually starting soon.

And by "soon" I mean the definition normal people would have, like "next few weeks, or a month".

Maticus3669d ago

Well there you have it, predictions for beta kick off anyone?

Leord3669d ago

Considering Blizzard had no warning for their last beta (WotLK) I have no clue. Could be tonight (when US office opens) or by the end of the month. Doesn't feel like it's far off, regardless...

DJDarkstar3669d ago

Definately, I would say its looking very close :D

toaster3669d ago

Near future? Most likely. Less than a month? I doubt it. Blizzard will keep us on our toes but I doubt a beta will be dropped within a month.

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Recka3669d ago

Wow, closer and closer it seems till beta release :D

DJDarkstar3669d ago

Sweet :D Lookin quite promising hehe

moondragon3669d ago

One more of those beta rumors and i may have a heart attack.

Leord3669d ago

You should probably turn off your internet for a week or so if you have that type of problem. They don't seem to stop any time soon...

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