Hated Cerberus Network? EA Plans on Giving You More Like It


"Single-player games can be a hard sale for gamers who will more than likely just play once and trade them in. EA shot their first salvo against selling back games -- which retail will resell as a profitless "used" copy -- by introducing free content only available to new-copy buyers of Dragon Age last year..."

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BeaArthur3662d ago

The only thing I hated about the Cerberus Network was setting it up. After it was loaded and worked I liked it well enough. Especially when there is free stuff on there to download.

FantasyStar3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Just another form of DRM that I won't be supporting. I knew this would happen eventually. I'm in favor of the used-game market because it gives power to consumers against bad games. Had Cerberus Network DRM not been used in Mass Effect 2, I would've bought it "new" Day 1 just to show support, but I'm better than that to fall prey to EA's sleeze. EA's always trying to push our buttons about how much we can tolerate their BS.

First yearly releases of a monopolized franchise, then key unlock DLC, then charging for cheats, then crippling DRM, then in-game ads, then hostile takeovers, then Weapon-DLC, and now content-controlling DRM.

EA's blaming their woes on used-game sales? They shut down studios and layoff employees far more than most companies even on a good fiscal year. It's only so long before you can't use the excuse of used-games anymore to cover the fact your games just suck and people just don't want it. History has proven that if a game kicks ass. The amount of used-game sales, the amount piracy won't even make a dent in the 7 million copies that it sold within the first month. Games like Halo 3, CoD:MW2, MGS4, Fallout 3, Uncharted prove awesome games get awesome sales with any need for underhanded DRM.