Here is how to report users on PSN

PS3-Sense writes "You ever saw a cheater on the PlayStation Network and didn't know how to report him, well today we tell you how to do this"

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Sev3664d ago

It took 4 years to figure this out? I've known this since December of 2006, a month after I first got my PS3.

Zydake3664d ago

Well I didn't know ..

CryWolf3664d ago

Well I didn't know either and I would like to know when is Sony going to put a users report on PS3 directly to report cheater or modder.

sack_boi3664d ago

Lol I didn't know either.

Julie3664d ago

same didn't know but now i do :) ty!

Blaze9293664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

does reporting on PSN even do anything? Microsoft's Xbox LIVE Policy team is very vocal on how they operate and take reports so we know how that works. Reports are tied in with with the NXE so pull up a gamertag, report away in the right category and done - every report gets checked. But whoever is in charge of PSN enforcement doesn't speak at all and we know nothing on how things work.


Wait wait have to go to a website to report people on the PS3? oh lord. I could have sworn we used to be able to report users straight from the XMB. I'm looking now but all I see is block user. Dunno. Well I guess I didn't know about this either then. This article is useful afterall.

AridSpider3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

Hmmm ya know I never really noticed this, maybe becuase I don't bother reporting anyone - usually becuase no one talks. All I see is the option to block the user right now on my PS3.

But I didn't notice we can't report users right from the PS3 (not meaning the web browser). Wow Sony, come on....

These are the little things on why people say Xbox LIVE is better than PSN. Something so simple like this is absent from the PS3 and I never knew.

BeaArthur3664d ago

PSN definitely needs an easier process for reporting people. An option in the XMB would be ideal. Although I don't see nearly as many people I suspect are cheating on PSN as on Xbox Live we all know they are out there and more needs to be done about getting them banned.

bruddahmanmatt3664d ago

My solution to cheaters involves my right index finger and a lot of **** talking. I figure it must hurt your pride even more when you attempt to cheat/lag/hack and you still get merced by someone who simply has more game than you. Reports/complaints never get the job done IMO. The person will simply find another way to get back online in the future. Better to put him down and make him realize that shortcuts won't cut it when you're playing against people who are simply better than you.

Bnet3433664d ago

I never knew this, but there's no way in hell I'm going to the website to report someone. Way too much work. It should be built-in if you ask me.

Seven_ate_Nine3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

I've known about this one for about a year now

Proxy3664d ago

Every time I lose to an experienced player, and they boast of they're victory, I have to ask myself if I'm really the loser.

pimpmaster3664d ago

wow dude, this is just full of fail. you have to go online on the pc (or web browser) just to report someone ?! why cant u just report people by clicking on them like on the 360.. this method fails so hard.

ThanatosDMC3663d ago

AWESOME post! We can finally report douchebags OICs in MAG that abuse their mics for 30min of nonstop swearing, etc.

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gokuss1220023664d ago

somebody needs to report s.v.e.r (from M.A.G)for having so many of their member using a fricking lag switch.

Pennywise3664d ago

Its part of the sign up requirements for S.V.E.R. How else would we win 90% of the time. LOL /s

Mr_Bun3664d ago

I'm on S.V.E.R. and in all the MAG matches I've played, only 1 had lag. If it is in every game you play, you might need to switch YOUR connection from dial-up

Cenobia3664d ago

He's talking about using a lag switch to purposely screw the game up and cheat. It doesn't necessarily lag the game, but it effects what other people see of the person who is cheating.

It happened in MGO as well. People would lag switch to leave their body behind somewhere and walk around the level invisible. It sucked, and ruined the tournament matches.

I haven't played MAG yet, but where there are people playing online their are also losers that can only win by cheating.

Halo3 MLG Pro3663d ago

Lag switches or lag pedals effect most FPS multiplayer games.

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tdrules3664d ago

PSN should have it built in, no reason not to.

Corrwin3664d ago

I think it does, a matter of highlighting the user in XMB and select report... Unless I'm mistaken, in which case I know that most if not all games have a report feature, anyway.

Anon19743664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

I think it should be easier, but I don't think it should be knee-jerk easy.
Take the disagree button here. It doesn't matter what you say, the disagree button is right there so some jackass can always just mindlessly jam the disagree button without any explanation as to why.

Now, what if you had to go onto an external site, log on and then express your disagree? Far fewer people would just wail on the disagree button. You'd actually have to take the time to go to another site and hit disagree, which takes a little more effort and I think that would help alleviate the problem of the disagree happy among us.

Maybe if they let you report from the XMB, but made you enter in your user ID and a code or something would make it easier to access, but act to deter the mindless "mash that button" people among us.

Anon19743664d ago

Seriously. Do you want someone who just dislikes your name, or you shot more times then he shot you, to be able to mindlessly jam a report button and carry on their way? It shouldn't be that easy because people will abuse it. I can't see how it could possibly work.

Corrwin3664d ago

Why you should read the manual.

Corrwin3663d ago

There are people who haven't read the manual, and take it personally, it seems.

Fishy Fingers3664d ago

Should be easier, but personally I've never seen anyone "cheat" on the PSN or Live (not including glitch exploits). In fact the only people I've ever considered reporting are people who spam profanity over their headsets, those, I just find easier to mute.

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