PS3 title Ninja Gaiden Sigma a top-seller in Japan

Tecmo Inc.'s action title Ninja Gaiden Sigma for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 is a top-seller for the console in the latest sales data from Japan.

Media Create Co. on Fri. reported that Ninja Gaiden Sigma sold 46,307 units between June 11 and June 17 to rank as the third best-selling title in the top 50 game sales.

The top performance of the title help to boost PS3 sales by eight percent in the week.

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And as the Xbots would say, this is just a rehash of a title they already had, wait untill PS3 really starts flexing its exclusive muscle, sales are bound to go up.

And trust, Sony really needs sales right now, I mean the situation isn't as bad as the media portrays, but it definately ain't good either.

Xi4137d ago

trusty bell got second right. This is just more sony fud, ignoring the competition and posting positive news while ignoring other consoles.

Kyur4ThePain4137d ago

but 8% isn't all that much.

Crotin4136d ago

if PS3's sales went up 8%, what's the 360's percentage in japan?, or 1%...

Rybnik4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

How do you possibly eschew positive PS3 news as "Sony FUD"???
This has nothing to do with the 360.

Bathyj4137d ago

This is a PS3 article in the PS3 section. How is that dissing Xbox at all?

You're so busy being negative you cant even tell when you're doing it anymore.

Notice how PS3 fans always talk about PS3, while Xbox fans always talk about.....yep, you guessed it, PS3.

JokesOnYou4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

"Notice how PS3 fans always talk about PS3, while Xbox fans always talk about....yep, you guessed it, PS3"

Are you high? you sony kids are always spewing some crap about 360, if it ain't reposting the same old news article about the hardware failures that some retard from micro wouldn't comment on what the failure rate actually is same news story just different sites posted like 5 times along with all the other OMG reports from every single 360 owner who's ever had a problem and lets not forget about the liars(sony kids in disguise) who say their 360 broke 8, 10, 25 times, or lets not talk about all the FUD crap stories about how superior the poo-ray player is over the 360 with of course the usual but, but but but its just hard to unlock its super duper amazing secret powers so just wait and wait and wait and then we're going to see the alien technology take over and blow us away with superior games. you sony kids are funny. A great game like ninja gaiden only gave your poo-ray player a 8% increase sales in sonys homeland which hates 360 btw yet the console with 1/3 the total sales of the super ps3 still outsold it ninja gaiden. now thats just pathetic showing even in japan 360 is selling more games but thats what happens when even the company itself describes the system as a movie player first. its funny cause all the same 360 haters who I've seen over the last week spewing crap about the 360 are in here agreeing with you ha, ha the JokesOnYou sony kids=JOY

macalatus4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

@Jokes on You,

1. So you think that any and every positive Sony news and negative Xbox news is a fud? I'll admit that we "Sony fans" don't have excellent games FOR NOW. But how about this: Why even bother going to this site when you have the Xbox 360 and its excellent Live online features to help preoccupy your otherwise boring life? Let me,, not that....oh, yes!! Your Xbox 360 just had a glorious, ring of death experience!! See, that wasn't a Sony fud. Don't cry now, Xbot, it happens sometimes to 360 owners.

P.S. Jokes on you!! Oh, BTW, if you respond to this, it's an even more proof that your 360 truly died.

@reply to "jokes on you" below

You did respond to my post. I guess your console is still dead or in the mean time still in the shop while in the process of getting a refurbished replacement.

Well, for starters, before you start calling anybody a bunch of middle schoolers, try not to talk "weed-style ghetto" and type your posts using the proper English grammar. The fact the you talk like that makes we wonder if you had any schooling at all OR you were high on something. Only if you did that before then maybe I would have had understood you in the first place (and not accuse you of calling every news a "fud").

@ Why o why
Thanks for the back-up, buddy. +1 Bubble from me.

JokesOnYou4137d ago

"P.S. Jokes on you!! Oh, BTW, if you respond to this, it's an even more proof that your 360 truly died."

Was that suppose to keep my quiet, ooooooooh I'm so scared now, cause you've just proven my 360 is dead ha, ha you sounds like a 8th grader with a bad yo moma joke but then again 90% of ps fanatics are under 13 yrs old. hey sony kid I didn't say all negative 360 or positive ps3 news is FUD, I said its FUD when you sony kids keep posting and approving the same negative news as if its new just because a different website is reporting the same crap, I don't care if anybody posts negative stuff but when you keep running the same stories like the one about the interview, or random stories from 3 gamers whos 360 failed then hell yeah its spreading FUD which is the only thing you sony kids know since you have no games. its stupid trying to laugh at somebody for commenting on this website, yeah I play my games, I go out to the movies, I work, I play sports, and I will comment on this site whenever the hell I feel like it kid but you won't see me on this site 24/7 trolling around like most of you sony kids.

btw as I said before I could send my 360 back 10 times in 1 yr and still play more games and have more fun than if I owned 1 PS3 because 360 lets you enjoy the best gaming available the PS3 lets you [email protected] in between playing poo-ray movies, just as sony intended. too bad they can't even get that right, since all you unsuspecting ps faithful still haven't been enough to end the format war with both bluray and hd dvd sales barely scratching the surface of mainstream market the bluray folks are trying to convince the world its over, why cause of BB ha, ha which accounts for less than 1% of the market, guess you guys haven't heard of Wal-mart. So no sony kid I have a gaming console with the best games available, you have a poo-ray player thats destined to become the next betamax when DLC goes mainstream in a year or so, then hd dvd & bluray will still be fighting for the niche market which means the JokesOnYou sony kids.=


Why o why4137d ago

maybe you should use your energy to comment on positive 360 news instead. If anything i purchased broke down 10 times and i got it again then id consider myself BRAINLESS. Ive made an investment and by your own logic you have not.

good news for the ps.

To the start of many

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Premonition4137d ago

If MGS4 is released both in japan and US by christmas, we can see some huge movement in units, depending on if sony does a bundle kind of like Hot shots golf 5, we shall see how that sells.

drtysouf214137d ago

I wonder if next weeks sales will be better.

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