Star Trek Online Tops UK PC Chart

Cryptic Studios' latest MMO Star Trek Online outsold all other PC games in the UK for week ending 6 February, according to the latest sales charts.

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Maticus3199d ago

It's done well to push ME2 off the top!

Fyzzu3199d ago

I suspect ME2 will be back next week, but then again, do these charts account for online sales? Through Steam, and so on? I think a lot of ME2's sales are through the Digital Deluxe Edition that's only available online...

Malfurion3199d ago

Good point. Don't know if those figures are included.

As far as ME2 goes, it's at #3 this week with Football Manager at #2, so why would it be #1 next week?

AndyA3199d ago

Must be those 1m accounts it has...

Leord3199d ago


I would love to see WoW getting some competition.

I guess StarTrek is likely more for proper Trekkers though...

Malfurion3199d ago

No game is going to challenge WoW until SWTOR I reckon.

Perjoss3199d ago

to topple WoW you need the next MMO from Blizzard

Panthers3199d ago

SWTOR will give it a run for its money. A lot of people I talk to are switching to SWTOR.