Ubisoft aren't ready to reveal Ghost Recon: Future Soldier platforms yet

Ubisoft announced Ghost Recon: Future Soldier this morning, with the Xbox 360 being the only platform confirmed. When Strategy Informer asked Ubisoft about PS3 or PC versions, the firm told Strategy Informer that it won't be revealing the platforms just yet as gamers will have to wait for more announcements.

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qface643671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

i predict that people will jump the gun and say its a 360 exclusive only to have it actually be for ps3/pc as well

socomnick3671d ago

Are there any pics ? or any video?

I really hope its back to Ghost Recon 1 Style and they abandoned the graw bs.

ASSASSYN 36o3671d ago

And WTF makes you think that? I wonder. Why would 360 gamers with this info come to the conclusion at this point that this game is an exclusive!? What a mind boggling adventure you must be on.

GrieverSoul3671d ago

I bet they are waiting for someone to offer them a big check!! ;)

Its not like they wanted too but since they insisted... :)

darkmurder3671d ago

Maybe Xbox/PC exclusive due to X10 announcement later on, hope not!

qface643671d ago

right because we all know a game should be thought of as exclusive WITHOUT actual confirmation that it is in fact exclusive

Double073671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Sounds familar to what happened with Lost Planet 2.

What happened with that game again..?

I'd be incredibly surprised if it doesnt come out for PC/ PS3

Bungie3671d ago

timed exclusivity maybe ?

Hellsvacancy3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Ghost Recon - meh

Another disappointin announcement (well it is 4-me)

ryuzu3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

MS Baiting is becoming a sport this gen.

1) 3rd party announce game, but not platforms
2) Leave platform support open in press releases
3) Wait for MS to offer cash to ensure exclusivity
4) Goto 2.

I mean that's what's happening now right? MS killed off what 1st parties they had. What they've got left isn't producing good games (yes Rare I'm talking about you).

So Ubi and EA have them over a barrel - they just leave the ME and Splinter Cell platforms open and MS send them a blank check every month....

I'd feel sorry for MS, but really, Ubi/EA/MS all deserve each other lol.


SL1M DADDY3671d ago

This game is a great franchise and it would be best if played by all. Hopefully they do the right thing and keep it multiplat.

socomnick3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Hope its exclusive, hope they dont dumb it down so it can run on the ps3. I am tired of the weak ps3 hardware holding back 360 games.

SL1M DADDY3671d ago

Your logic is a bit flowed if you don't mind me saying so. Typically speaking, multiplatform games favor the 360 in small but evident ways and so it would seem that porting to PS3 does not in fact effect the 360 versions of the game in a negative way. The plus side to multiplat is that more players get the game and more sales typically solidify sequels and more games for all. Is that a bad thing?

OmegaSlayer3671d ago

Anyway they weren't ready for anything since they didn't even release a trailer or some pics.
Whatever platform they're going to release the game on, this is the lamest "big announcement" ever.

sack_boi3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Show me a game that has as much features (XBL and non-XBL) as Halo 3 or Dead or Alive 4 then we can say the other console isn't holding back the X360.

It's time these companies start using our systems to their fullest: If you're making a game that's heavy on cut-scenes (MGS4, FFXIII) or is open world (GTA...) then make it a PS3 exclusive.

If the game has multiplayer then please make sure it's on par with Halo 3 (shooters) or Dead or Alive 4 (fighters).

Fanb0y3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

But the beta will be exclusive.
At least, for the moment.

BREAKING NEWS: This game will come out of all 3 major platforms. Says Ubisoft.

@moosehound PS3 and 360 coming out at the same time. More PC details later.

StanLee3671d ago

Like I said yesterday, it's just like Capcom using XBox Live to announce Lost Planet 2 but it alienates an entire community when they do something like this. Why not make an announcement on PSN as well? We know it's a multiplatform title. GRAW2 was on the PS3 so why regress and make an upcoming title exclusive? Game companies like the gaming media are actively playing to fanboyism.

sack_boi3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

I don't see you criticizing SqaureEnix or Konami for doing it. It's not that big of a deal.

SL1M DADDY3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Typically the discussion does not include online features and to be honest, there are no features I can think of that the PS3 does not have that would make the 360 versions better. In the end, online is about playing games online and to most, this is all they need. Both consoles have friends lists and both consoles support invites. The PS3 has the capability to hold games with 256 players while the 360 cannot. Both have there up and downs but I am certain the PS3 is not necessarily holding the 360 back in terms of online features.

baum3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

"And WTF makes you think that? I wonder. Why would 360 gamers with this info come to the conclusion at this point that this game is an exclusive!? What a mind boggling adventure you must be on."

Someone has a short memory. Lost Planet 2, remember? I specifically remember how "Why Dis" was on a trip about how supposedly LP2 had the best graphics ever and therefore impossible to do on PS3. (LMAO)


Didn't square enix show 360 some love with 3 flopped exclusives? How about Konami showing MGR for the first time on Microsoft's presentation? Yeah, there's nothing to criticize there.

Especially since they back Microsoft, which is the best company ever. /S

otherZinc3671d ago

CO-OP portion of Ghost Recon. Remember, SONY has no well made co-op games that aren't cell shaded & Ghost Recon has 16 player co-op in an enormous map.

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JamieReleases3671d ago

Difficult to tell at the moment, but this should at least make it to the PC.

RealityCheck3671d ago

Translation: "We have started a bidding war to see if company Y is ready to pay us not to accept exclusivity contract from company X, or maybe pay us an incentive to make it time exclusive only. Once the bidding war is done, we'll announce the platforms and pretend it was the plan all along."

360 PIMP3671d ago

its not gonna be exclusive

chak_3671d ago

Don't bother for PC if it's anything as un-tactical as the latests ;)