The 1UP show season six episode six

This week's 1UP Show is proof that if you're bored this summer it's your own damn fault.

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Rybnik4189d ago

World in conflict looks pretty damn incredible. I'm not really an RTS player, but this might make me one.

AngryHippo4188d ago

i seriously agree 100%, that game looks absolutely awesome fun, especially the scope of everything and playing online. Can't wait for this one, when does this come out?love the nukes and the carpet bombs, could have some serious fun with that

Rybnik4188d ago

Not sure about the release, but this is beta footage, so I would expect sometime within the next 6 months..

Rhezin4188d ago

meh this show kinda blew WTF is this game anyway

CAPS LOCK4188d ago

it was a crapppy show. i love the stuff from G4 but they have bandwich problems and i cant watch it because i am in th uk