Images: Third Borderlands DLC 'Spy/Leaked' photos

Todd sent us in what he refers to as 'Spy photos' of the third round of Borderlands DLC. Check out the images inside.

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W-k3666d ago

its ok i cant seem to get in to it tho,kind of a boringlands to me lol i don't know maybe it gets better when you get further in to the game but i hate the way the cars control worse then gta4, i like claptrap im dancin im dancein.

tdrules3666d ago

play with three friends then say its boring.
i do agree it gets tedious until around the end though.
collecting loot is god damn fun though.

SuperStrokey11233666d ago

Im dont everything but mad moxie, and its taking its time to do that one as its not really that much fun with out buds and im still waiting on my friends to finish the game.

This will be a day 1 buy for me.

W-k3666d ago

@tdrules no one i know has the game so i cant do that lol

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SuperStrokey11233666d ago

I hope this comes out soon, love this game so much. Its probably the game i have put the most time in with this year. Its just so much fun. I hope they add legendary sheilds, gernade mods, and character mods.

tastydonuts3666d ago

What, no bandits and critters?


SuperStrokey11233666d ago

Looks like it will be against the Lance or something very similar to them so get those corosive or burning weapons warmed up. Also the level cap is going up too so that is will be solid.