The BBC and ITV games we need to see

Critical Gamer writes: Ah, the test card. Even TV channels had loading screens back in those days.

Nowadays of course videogames make serious money, and offer real competition to TV and film for the time and money of the nation. UK broadcaster ITV recently started licensing out its shows for games, and now the BBC are getting in on the act. The depressing reality, of course, is that these deals will only result in half arsed casual Wii, DS and PC titles, with some Facebook 'games' thrown in for good measure.

But these are the two biggest terrestrial broadcasters in the United Kingdom! So much potential! Critical Gamer could not let the matter go without telling you about the games that could – and should – be made. Let's get the ball rolling with one of my own proposals:

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Pidgeridoo3666d ago

I Really Hope They Actually Make The Jeremy Kyle Game ... I Would Buy It!

scruffy_bear3666d ago

Yeah they should make The Jeremy Kyle Game

Cubes3666d ago

My God Keith Vaz is Penfold!! Great article, lots of great suggestions, Ant & Dec's sounds like sweet revenge for all those annoying Wii ads.

Jockie3666d ago

I inadvertantly spat a bit of coffee when i saw the Vaz/Penfold comparison, good stuff!

Jim Crikey3666d ago

When asked to respond to the allegation that he was in fact Penfold, Keith Vaz MP responded 'OO eck!'.