Bioshock 2 Xbox Live Avatar Costumes released

The Lost Gamer writes "In celebration of the launch of 2k Games' highly anticipated Bioshock 2, a range of themed Avatar costumes has hit the Xbox Live Marketplace that allow you to run around as either a Big Daddy or Sister from the now infamous setting of Rapture."

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MaN_uTd3665d ago

I will get those and not the home one =D

Seedhouse3665d ago

Has the Bioshock 2 stuff for Home been confirmed for EU?

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3665d ago

I'm always shocked when I see people buy this stuff (Avatar and Home items) because they are WAY overpriced in my opinion, but if people are happy then I guess that's all that matters.

toaster3665d ago

I don't get it either. People are paying for fake clothes for avatars with real money. It's just a MS and Sony scheme to milk money from consumers I guess.

psycho3603665d ago

Agree with both of you above. What happened gamerscore being used as virtual points system for buying something. I think i heard something like that not sure but it was used to hype XBLIVE at some point.

ANyway would rather spend virtual money on virtual avatar stuff. Lately there have been some chevos which open up some avatar stuff so better to use that kind of model to entice player in playing the game harder.

Yi-Long3665d ago

Yeah, 'it's people's own decision', and yeah 'if they are happy with it, who are we to argue!?', and yeah, 'you don't HAVE to buy it', blahblahblah...

It's just overpriced virtual stuff. It's cool stuff, it's fun, it's nice, etc etc.... but I would never ever BUY it. I would much prefer it if it was just included as FREE when you buy the games.
In fact, it would probably make the decision to buy certain games that much easier to make.

Ah well, just like with DLC, I would personally never ever buy it (unless it's REALLY REALLY good), but I'm sure there are enough idiots who do...)

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BeaArthur3665d ago

I'd be excited about them if I wasn't already sure that they cost $5. This type of stuff should be unlockable through gameplay or at least allow us to unlock some themes. I hate being nickel and dimed for all this stuff.

belowradar3665d ago

These avatar/home items should be unlocked via playing the game. I'm all for sprucing up your avatars but with the cost associated with the items there is no way I'm paying for any of this.
Halo gave out free items with the new dashboard thing they have and I would like to see more developers going that route.
If their gonna sell it at least drop the price around a dollar. Wasn't it like $5 for the Star Wars lightsaber? Just insane. About as bad as the Oblivion horse armor.

plb3665d ago

The only reason I will buy any avatar thing is if I have leftover MS points from a previous purchase.

Yi-Long3665d ago can just leave your points where they are, buy some new points when you need it, and I'm sure with all the points you 'wasted' on some avatar-stuff, you probably could have picked up a nice game or 2 orso...

Just keep saving up your spare points, and it will just mean extra games ;)

Strikepackage Bravo3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

it is a rip off, it is perfectly acceptable. No one has to buy this stuff. Its only nickle and dimeing the customer if the goods are required in order to use the service.

FYI it was Sony who charged for cloths first in HOME. Live avatar cloths used to all be free. I guess MS said if Sony can get away with it, so can we. Kinda like the no HDMI cable. And to think people say MS is bad for gaming.

doG_beLIEfs3665d ago

When Home beta 1st launched 95% of it was free. Couches, chairs, tables, lamps, many different items of clothing...all free. Yes they have added a bunch of items that cost money but the items that were free when Home beta 1st launched are still free.

To my knowledge, there are no where near as much free stuff for MS avatars. And the biggest difference IMO is that in Home one can go anywhere in the virtual world and show off their stuff. With MS avatars.....YOU JUST SIT THERE IN THAT RIDICULOUS POSE stuck like a tree.

Yet the avatar clothing costs MORE than Home clothing.

People buy virtual items all the time, and not just in Home or for their Live avatars, and as the future roles on and humans spend more time in virtual worlds more and more paid for virtual items will be the norm.

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