Zipper comments on MAG's balancing issues

Zipper Interactive's Jeremy Dunham discusses the developer's plan to solve the balancing issues in the Playstation 3 exclusive first-person shooter, MAG.

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raztad3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

My only gripe is heavy weapons being INSANELY accurate at long range. It's possible to "snipe" with them.

AenthonyDa1nOnli3672d ago

You could not have wrote it any better... some weapons need accuracy increases or decreases, and also raven's power needs to go up and sver's power go down by 10-15%... and the rocket launcher splash damage needs to go up by a hell of alot, only way to kill some one with it is to shoot them in the face and shooting thru walls needs to be addressed.

ShiNe-Box-3672d ago

I agree raztad. It once got so annoying that I felt like going to the MAG forums, and making one those rage threads that are meant to be blogs. I've never made one but I came pretty close to doing it.

The only other suggestion I would make is changing the position of A on SVER's Sabotage map. When attacking, it takes too long to get there.

edwineverready3672d ago

I don't think sver is over powered. I think that some of there defending map lay-outs are to much in sver favor. I agree on the rocketlauncher it is underpowered.

Nicaragua3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

Noooo, the rocket launcher is fine as it is – its purpose is anti-armour not anti-infantry.

If they make it more powerful against infantry then you will end up with the Killzone 2 RPG situation all over again with people spamming rockets all over the place.

Balance the maps and guns if need be but leave the RPG alone

Bolts3672d ago

The rocket's role in this game is a turret and vehicle buster. You're not supposed to be able to pwn people with them. Add more splash and it'll be overpowered.

divideby03672d ago

Spot on..with the over accuracy of the weapons at large distances..its just stupid.
I didnt pick up my MAG preorder after playing in 3 of the MAG betas do to the above and my fear of not being able to balance the factions out.
I still would like to buy MAG, but not yet

kneon3672d ago

Yup, I found I can be very accurate at an insanely long range using the machine guns in SVER and Raven, and that's even without the upgraded sights. Haven't tried the Valor machine gun at such distance though.

Christopher3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

You know I agree with you raztad. There are a few threads on the official forums already, one of them started by me. I think the huge issue with the game is that bullet spread doesn't equate for distance in the game giving a very heightened sense of precision.

What I mean is this: IRL, when you fire six shots from an AR or SMG/LMG, at about 5m from where you shot the bullets will likely be about three inches away from each other at maximum, but if they continue their trajectory at 50m they will likely be upwards of 2 feet away from each other, even more at 100m and so on. But, in MAG, they are the same level of distance from each other at 5m as they are at 100m, meaning a person who can put a crosshair at one point on your body has a very good chance of hitting you with half of the bullets since they all are bunched closer together when doing a quick burst of gunfire. Even worse when you buy the skills to reduce recoil and you improve sighting and stability.

The reason why it is like this is that the MAG developers have designed a game that when you fire a single shot, that bullets exists at the same straight line trajectory going outward instantaneously until it hits something. If you've played the game and were getting shot at and moved behind a wall and noticed that even from cover a bullet seemed to still hit you, that was the delay in processing the distance between the person who fired the gun and you, ending up in it hitting you as the end point a half a second or longer after the shot was actually fired even though at the time it registered you were behind cover.

While I can see the benefit in this type of shot calculation for certain guns (snipers who a reliant on 100m+ shots where your targets are moving really fast), ARs and LMGs need to have some method of dispersion calculation when firing in bursts or have their recoil greatly altered so that they work well in short and medium ranges as needed, but result in too much recoil after even one shot at long ranges.

In addition, both should have decreasing damage effectiveness outside of the 50-75m range rather than always doing full damage when not set up with a bipod and aiming aid. This would account for real world elements that normally make them harder to improve accuracy when in a run and gun situation, which is the majority of the game for people who use these guns.

SPACEBALL 13672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

at least they didnt have like a 3 month beta to adress these issues.... oh wait they did.

the sver map was a problem then and it still is now apparently. all the forum fanboys at the time would bash you and tell you to go play cod if you mentioned it during the beta. how did that work?

iceman28853672d ago

While I agree that powering the RPG up might lead to use for things other than vehicle busting and turret destroying, it is even too underpowered for that. It takes well over 4-5 rockets to destroy a turret (not to mention 90% of the time if an engineer is repairing the turret they feel no effect from a direct rocket hit to the turrent, which is completely wrong) and 3 rockets to destroy vehicle.

First off, I think it should take a different amount of rockets to destroy a humvee and an APC, but it takes 3 regardless of the vehicle, which is ridiculous considering how APC's and humvee's are differently armored.

Also, while I don't want to see the rocket turn into a 'noob' weapon, it is absolutely ridiculous that a guy hit directly by a rocket doesn't die. Really, a direct hit from a rocket doesn't kill a player? BS.

So maybe increase the splash of the rocket a little, but definitely increase the direct hit damage of the rocket (or lower the defense of infantry, humvees and turrets).

raztad3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )


Well thats true. Bullets just need to fall within a cone. This is my real gripe because Heavy weapons are extremely effective at short range as well.

Regarding SVER maps being overpowered I think thats not true. It's the compiting factions that are underperforming (I'm RAVEN btw). Two days ago RAVEN launched a full attack over SVER camp and got a MAJOR VICTORY in 20 mins.

The right tactic is: DONT wast time capturing the burnoff towers. Take down all the bunkers around it and AA emplacements first, so SVER get their reinforcements slowed down and open for precision Air Strikes. Only then go for the Burnoff Towers.

Nicaragua3671d ago

Its fine that it takes 5 rockets to take out a bunker - the game is built around teamwork. If one guy could solo a bunker with an RPG then the game would lose a huge part of the teamwork mechanic.

Nothing in this game should be easily accomplished solo.

For people who want some kind of anti-infantry RPG then there is the grenade launcher add on, the RPG is perfectly balanced in the current game.

Seriously, just try and think about sabotage if the RPG was a people killer. It would be a mess trying to attack or defend an objective with 10 rockets exploding every second - all strategy would instantly go out of the window. This kind of crap was the downfall of KZ2.

The only thing i would agree with is that the different veichles should take different quantities of damage.

iceman28853671d ago

I guess you're right about increasing the splash damage of the rocket. However, they should still change the direct hit damage against infantry IMO. A direct hit from a rocket, regardless of what armor you are wearing should kill you.

This doesn't affect the game either since it's not really plausible for someone to walk around with a rocket launcher to kill infantry because it takes so long to reload and you are a sitting duck whenever you pull it out.

Nicaragua3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

I think you can actually kill people with the RPG if you hit them dead on, ive certainly been killed by it but I cant remember if I had already taken some hits and then finished off by the RPG, or if it was just the RPG.

Like you said though its pointless doing it due to the mobility restriction and reload time, just stick with the guns.

I think the main obstacle with killing infantry with the RPG is that it dosnt have a linear flight path, if you watch the rocket fire out then it kind of spirals. Im guessing they did this to ensure it only works against large objects like veichles and bunkers.

FragGen3671d ago

I hope the most accuracy adjustments are for the sniper LMGs, as a Raven, if my AR is less accurate, I'm screwed. :) That's the only advantage Raven's ARs really have and I'm a commando not a marksman! :)

Gun_Senshi3671d ago

oh stop qqing.

for heavy wepaos to "snipe"i need to go prone, place bipod and will be unable to move even when reloading

Christopher3671d ago

I'd love to agree with you, but the majority of headshot attacks against me are from AR or LMG users who are standing and take very little time to line up and hit me from medium to long ranges. I actually find that the closer I am the lower chance I have of being the victim of a headshot.

Mikeyy3671d ago

I agree man, I play sver, and when we are attacking Valor in 64p mode, I get headshoted by the M249 SAW at the very beginning, where we jump down onto the rail road tracks.

The AK bounces everywhere while there guns are pretty smooth, headshot machines.

I can see nerfs comming, but not to sver like everybody thinks, it's to valor.

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bunfighterii3672d ago

I haven't picked this up, but I think it will be alot better in a few months when the community is bigger, strategies are ironed out, and things like this are sorted.

then i might pick it up- unless Bad Company 2 takes all my shooter time away...

Nykamari3672d ago

It's thousands of players on it, each modes has atleast 8000 player at anytime you could check it before you join a game. Don't wait too long people skills are getting better by the minute!

Trebius3672d ago

Been playing it at my friends house and it's amazing though. After Heavy Rain i'll pick it up more than likely :)

Dev8 ing3671d ago

I would pick up MAG now if I were you. Heavy Rain is already cheaper than MAG, I can see the price dropping a lot more a couple weeks after release and there will probably be a bunch of used copies available.

OneShotThrill3672d ago

The gunplay in this game needs some work. The RPG it kills no one and the LMG can be used to get headshots at 100 yards. And SVERs maps are a headache sometimes but this game is still good and I currently can't get enough of it.

Bolts3672d ago

There is a noticeable SVER map advantage in both sabo and domination. On one map the bunkers can provide a crossfire that is absolutely lethal unless you attack them from the very edge of the map. Even then the defenders will quickly identify this weakness and pour reenforcement into the flanks. When this happen the only thing you can do is sit back and watch your team lose the map.

creatchee3672d ago

Yeah - playing against SVER is a lesson in pain. Even if they don't know what they're doing, they can still own you fairly easily.

Sidenote - I love how the commander guy says during the loading screen that SVER doesn't have the best technology or weaponary. Their weapons kill pretty well as far as I can tell! Heh.

peeps3672d ago

looking frwd to seeing what the updates are. bored of the game now tbh some changes that might make me wanna play it again are welcome

Dev8 ing3671d ago

Hopefully they make it so that S.V.E.R
1) cant disarm bombs from the other side of their doors and
2) Can't run/shoot through walls.

If these two issues were fixed the game would be more balanced.

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