PSi: Valhalla Knights 2: Battle Stance Review

PSi writes: "Valhalla Knights has a long but not terribly illustrious history as a franchise. What we know from the series of releases on PSP and other platforms in past years is that there is a following for the game, enough to prompt its creators to keep iterating. The eyes of the beholder are where beauty lies, we know, but it all depends on who's beholdin'... What we saw when we booted up Valhalla Knights 2: Battle Stance was a variation on the type of realistic RPG that seems to be remade each year on this platform, either under the Monster Hunter flag or something similar. We can understand the appeal of watching classic D&D-style characters in action, complete with realistic changes in armor and accessories as you equip them. On the other hand, the monsters are incredibly uninspiring - battling things like bees and bunnys, even to level up, should be off limits for any game trying to avoid comedy."

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