Modern day Medal of Honor expands to handheld front

Pocket Gamer writes: "Medal of Honor, with its new modern day setting, will be hitting the handheld battlefield when it deploys later this year.

According to a financial report filed by EA today, the publisher is working on handheld versions of the revitalised series in addition to the console and PC iterations previously announced."

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peeps3660d ago

not sursprising considering it's EA lol but whatever as long as the console/pc versions turn out great then i don't mind

execution173660d ago

if it'll be as good as the recent medal of honor releases on the PSP which were awesome by he way xD!

red2tango3659d ago

Doesn't this lose money for EA (they're already losing a lot)? I can't imagine the PSP or DS version selling copies and the money spent on developers and publishing the game isn't worth it.

Chaos Striker3659d ago

Well on a scale basis, development costs for a handheld are usually dramatically lower than development cost for a console. As a result, the breakeven point for sales will also be dramatically lower. As long as they sell enough (doesn't have to be a million+ necessarily), they should stand to make a nice profit.

FragGen3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

I could see Sony subsidizing development costs, possibly.... They've helped encourage developers to do some PSP ports in the last year or so to bolster the PSP3000 and to help ensure new titles would appear for the Go.

I sure hope they do. Outside of GRAW, there are no really "modern combat" style FPSs for the PSP. They're all WW2.

paynton3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

I don't know about this game on psp, But I've think it's new look for PSP, maybe Ea's bring this new MOH on psp system.