Famitsu Heavy Rain's review and explainations

Translation :

- One play is about 10 hours. If you want to finish all the game' scenarios it's 30 hours.
- Innovative control and fabulous story
- You can really immerse your emotion, especially if you have kids.
- Lots of branching in the story
- Top notch atmosphere
- Keeps you want to continue playing
- You can also sense fear

The game has no "game over"

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Zedux3671d ago

gr8 score again but Fumitsu has lost most of it's review power! Just check the score they gave FFXIII! HR is a must have but not because of this review!

nix3671d ago

wow.. that's great news! awesome score!!!

play it for the experience, people, play it for the experience! q:

nix3671d ago

woot! woot!

can't wait!!! q;

jmare3671d ago

Unfortunately, replays will be a little tedious because you replay the same sequences over and there's no way to skip ahead in game. It will still be a badass game, but even in the demo, it got tiresome going through the exact same dialog before you could do anything different.

Montrealien3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

How dare you speak against the Heavy Rain Jmare...How dare you!

nix3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

ok... with that logic if we replay every game we'll have to go thru the same cut-scenes, same enemies, same route and same ending. i think the advantage here is, everytime i play i'll end up playing differently. different scenario, different situation, different choices and different ending.

@Montrealien: i don't think anyone is speaking wrong about HR here.


@Diamondwolf (way down there at 4.6): sorry i'm running out of bubbles so i am replying here.

yes.. i agree, fanboys use this excuse to bicker about it but look at the bright side... maybe if we complain enough, more people will hear about it thus making a site to be aware of what people are thinking.

yes.. these are the times where flame-bait articles rules, but look at how things have turned out thanks to all the "bickering" by people. if you look at HHG, he's 'toned' down a lot. he no longer posts news with 'flame-bait' article. maybe he'll go back but still.

and does anyone take gametrailers seriously? specially their "comparision" shots? or even their review system? they gave MW2 a GOTY last year.

does anyone take 1UP, Edge, Eurogamer seriously? i'm sure they have their own devoted readers who love whatever they are throwing out but that doesn't mean everyone is blind. i'll ask you this question, do you trust 1UP, Gametrailers, Eurogamer, Edge?

as for the question of "how do you know it's biased" is concerned, one can't figure it out just out of one review or something (unless he/she gives 3/10 for a 9/10 game). everybody leaves a trail, a pattern that will eventually be discovered one day or the other.

i know it's one person's view at the end of the day but, he's a freaking gaming journalist for christ sake! not a fanboy! he has a responsibility and that is to educate us about the game NOT show his fanboyism.

ps: i wont be able to comment anymore. q:

sikbeta3671d ago


·10/30 hours
·fabulous story
·Top notch atmosphere
·You can really immerse your emotion


mfwahwah3671d ago

"there's no way to skip ahead in game."

You can go back to any scene and play it out differently, so yes, you can skip ahead.

nycredude3671d ago


Do you mean like the same problem the critically acclaimed Mass Effect 1 and 2 has? Your reaching dude.

multipayer3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Actually, you can skip all the cutscenes in Mass Effect 2, I do it alot when replaying. However, in HR the cutscenes are the gameplay. PC gamers would have loved this, it is just like a extremely high budget point and click adventure. I just feel kind of bad they're missing out, it's like sony robbed their religion. Am I "reachin" yet?

catguykyou3671d ago

The main developer for Heavy Rain said he didn't want the player to play the game multiple times. He wanted each experience to be unique for each player. So, really it doesn't matter if it is tedious to play over and over. It wasn't designed around that idea.

pixelsword3671d ago

... it was because of the pantsu.


Sev3671d ago

You can NOT skip scenes in Heavy Rain. I'm on my 3rd playthrough and have over 70% of the trophies so skipping ahead would be nice.

Then again I have put in countless hours testing all the different scenarios the game offers. You wouldn't want to skip ahead on your first couple playthroughs you'd miss too much.

s8anicslayer3670d ago

Forecast for 2/23 expect "Heavy Rain"!

Sub4Dis3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

you don't actually think an adventure game could win GOTY do you? it's a QTE movie. i think the people that like this type of game will enjoy it. but i think it's a sleeper hit at best. it's not going to break any records or set any new trends. it's something we've seen before taken a little further. no big deal. just an adventure game.

@jmare. wow man. you even said you really like the game and ppl are all over you. ps3 fanboys are really stretching on this exclusive. they have even resorted to ostracizing other fanboys. you all must realize this isn't the gameplay changer you've been looking for in EVERY exclusive since 2006. it's one big long QTE. it's like those old hardy boys books (i realize most of you don't read) where you got to choose which path to take and it would say "skip to page 264." that's all this game is. QTE games should be left to the rock bands and guitar heroes. this would be much better suited as a movie. not another half-assed attempt at defining a certain console for it's "uniqueness."

Amiroo3670d ago

They Said somthing about Butterfly effects , but in game if you loose and win you see the same scenario . not GOTY but one of the Best 2010 Games

BWS19823670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

you have a horrible grasp on what QTE really is and what this game is about (the dev made it clear why this game does NOT have what is known as QTE, and if you had genuine interest in this game, you'd be aware of that). You make it sound like it's on rails with no free movement or interaction and it's more of a movie with a few button presses (stop the FUD, it makes you look like a moron). You obviously hate the game (despite not knowing anything about it apparently), we've obviously seen your hateful history towards anything Sony (you've been around here a bit), so why do you hobble in here to spew hate towards something so "unholy"? Just stick to your stories that interest you.

I know you love your console, but really, those of us gamers who have a bit of each console have more perspective than your tunnel vision of bigotry you call a hobby. Please be open minded.

And dude, nobody was on Jmare, I didn't once see anyone show animosity towards him (Montrealian is actually known to lean towards 360, so he's being sarcastic, beyond that, people civilly replied with disagreement). I saw ACTUAL discussion.

And I saw you in here. Wait, why are you in here again?

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omni_atlas3671d ago

Thats a great score. I'm running out of cash and I need to buy this and Bad Company 2. I think I'll have to sell MW2. Thank you infinity ward, for killing the franchise.

yourgodisdead3671d ago

No idea how im going to survive the next few months lol

nix3671d ago

i told my house owner that i'll pay the rent next month. thanks to insurance and tax. anyway... i think i can get hold of Heavy Rain this month. q:

and next month is - GOW3!!!

peeps3671d ago

yeh, usually with cod i keep hold of em cus i find they're games that a like to go back to every so often but COD just annoys me far too much and ain't played it in ages. tempted to trade it in when i get this game just cus i think the trade in price is still pretty high

Ravage273671d ago

haven't touch it for weeks and i'm going to spend quite a bit in the next few weeks. GT5 delay is a good thing imo

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nix3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

hypocrite much.

EDIT: as Zedux mentioned above, Famitsu has lost its reviewing sense but this game is going to be great nonetheless. 30 hours and 'no ending' is enough to be excited in the days of 5 hours single gameplay games.

bjornbear3671d ago

so no need to bring out that blacklist ;)

thief3671d ago

This is probably going to end up at 90+ on Metacritic excluding EDGE or 88 including Edge's 2/10 ("too much innovation, graphics are too realistic")

nix3671d ago

yup.. it will hover around 85~90. there are enough Sony hating sites in the world. UC2 would have been the highest rated game if not for some stupid sites. they tried but it just was too big for them to push it down. sadly, HR won't have such backing because there's already so much of hate for this game.

Imalwaysright3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

I couldnt care less if Edge gives it a 0/10. After playing the demo i know that i will enjoy the 30 hours that i will spend on Heavy Rain.

Ravage273671d ago

Leader - Edge
Member #1 - GT
Member #2 - GameSpy
Member #3 - Eurogamer

Diamondwolf3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Has it really come to this? memorizing which review sites will give a game a low score, so it'll affect metacritic and therefore ruin your credibility to throw and/or kick sand on the opposing console fanbase?

It makes me cry inside!

Do your lives need more fulfillment? maybe therapy?

Dedicated to fanboys of any console or PC. Play games, not scores or sales

nix3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

nope dude.. it's more to do with BEING VOCAL rather than turning your back to it. don't you think it's a good thing to protest if the game has been reviewed with an biased eye? and i think everyone here is giving what has been the reasons they use to deduct points from PS3 exclusive games.

in the end, we all are fighting for a better journalism!!!

@Ravage27: how about - F*cktastic Four! q:

Diamondwolf3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

I agree and I disagree. Yes, some do fight for better journalism, others use that excuse to b*tch and bicker on N4G. The harsh truth of the matter is, that true journalism, in this age, doesn't make money, and these sites need to make money.

Without those controversial articles and bullcrap hit seeking material, the site doesn't live long. If I were to start a website, that was truly unbiased and gave my opinion you know what would happen?

People would add me to their list........such as above either for being biased 360, PC, Wii or PS3. You can't win and my site would cater to the 10 or 20 loyal readers.

For some reason this gen has a bunch of people with a false sense of entitlement (aka fanboys) who are running the way companies operate and Microsoft is a MASTER at using that by the way they market their products, something the other companies can learn from.

Me, I watch what's going on, but in the end, it's all a large pointless fight that I will happily turn my back on so I don't become ignorant like the rest of the fanboys, therefore I play games, not sales or scores.

Edit: Also, to answer your first question, with another question. How do you know it's biased? some people give their opinions. Why make an opinion about someone else's opinion; instead of playing and forming your own opinion? To me reviews are tools used to determine if the good outweighs the bad, and not the physical score tied to the end of it. The meat is in the middle.

Ravage273671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

i understand what you are getting at and i respect your attitude, but it just pisses me off when these 'respectable' and well-known sites attempt to mislead the masses with their biased scoring system and nitpicking. True, their scores won't affect my enjoyment one bit but isn't it sad to see underrated titles getting poor sales?

And how do we know it's biased? That's easy - check their respective rating history, they almost always score PS3 exclusives lower than their peers and the exact opposite for 360 exclusives. Then proceed to read the negatives they listed for ps3 exclusives, are those same criterias present in their 360 reviews?

Reviewers are supposed to be consistent and unbiased - these guys are CONSISTENTLY biased.

mfwahwah3671d ago


I agree. Gamers nowadays are pretty damn pathetic when it comes to defending their games.

onanie3670d ago

Not sure why you are forming an opinion of these other posters' opinion of the reviewers' opinions. Perhaps you should practice what you advocate in the first place - not to care about other people's opinions, right?

I realise that it can be tiresome to read certain types of comments, but if one wishes to change the behavior of certain posters, then one would have better luck elsewhere other than the internet. Such is its nature.

Diamondwolf3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Now that I agree with. I must apologize as I thought you were one of the ignorant ones who normally comment as you have above only to bring up metacritic. The PS3 AND 360 loyalists on this site tend to show trends of hypocrisy on a daily basis. My main beef is with the scoring system and not the review themselves.

I was going to say touche, but then I thought about what I said earlier. I didn't form an opinion on the poster's opinion, nor did I advocate that people shouldn't follow others' opinion (hence me saying the meat is in the middle of the review) My point about these review sites is while yes, they may sway towards a particular console in the score (as ravage mentioned), but the review is usually filled with good information for the consumer. The idea is to seek multiple reviews to become an informed buyer and not settle with the score at the end. That's the major issue for me and other review sites. There are many reviewers and critics who believe the score should be removed, but it's the company that makes them put a numerical value on a particular product.

The problem is, most people on here use the score as some sort of power crutch that switches hand game by game until what? competition is no longer existent? Then what? It's almost like no one values the long road and everyone is short sighted. That's my opinion on the people, not their opinion so you can agree or disagree with is your right but unless people are informed and have a choice to take it or leave it, or can muster the open mind to even consider what other opinions could mean then the entire industry is doomed to cater to the lowest common denominator.

btw, bubbles on rational debate/discussion rav and ona

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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_3671d ago

||.........___||.......____|| 'Triple'A'Station 3' ;-P

30 hours??? Well i will be spending '10 hours' with that Woman in the Shower anyway!!! ;-P
Er it was the Woman showering i hope!!! ;-D

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Time Completed Game - 29 Hours

Time Spent in Shower(Erm with the Woman) - 10 Hours


-MD-3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Well, I already knew it but thanks for confirming you don't have a girlfriend.

Edit: Along with everybody else that agreed with you.