EA Reveals Upcoming Titles writes: "EA today released an updated list of their planned titles for next fiscal year, and there are a few surprises."

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cyguration3661d ago

Site least we know when Gamebiased drops any fanboy lingo bombs it's not entirely surprising. That's a good change of pace.

frankymv3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Medal of Honor-Summer 2010
Crysis 2-fall 2010
Dead Space 2-Early 2011
Epic's Shooter- Early 2011

Myst3660d ago

I'm quite saddened that All Points Bulletin got pushed back to 2011, but hopefully this means that the game will be more fine-tuned by that time.

SpaceFox3660d ago

No new Burnout? Been waiting for a new one since I finished Burnout Paradise. Loved that game, very fun. Hope they reveal a new one at E3.

Minimox163660d ago

I want a new burnout too, =( to bad that Criterion its working on NFS :/

RockmanII73660d ago

I thought Crysis 2 was delayed to 2011? Glad I was wrong.

frankymv3660d ago

Crysis 2 hits fall 2010!!

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