Gamersmint Review: Dante's Inferno

Gamersmint Writes: "Dante's Inferno can be called the bastard love child of an innocuous poet and a vicious God slayer; since it seems to draw its inspiration from the divine works of Dante Alighieri and its gameplay from the God of War himself. But does it manage to emerge greater than the sum of its parts or fall flat into the deep abyss of Hell itself?"

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wdeath3665d ago

Well written review, looking forward to get hands on this game.

Agent TBY3665d ago

Good review. Wasn't expecting much out of this game, to be honest, but I'm glad that it's atleast a decent ride.

gryfindor13665d ago

On the contrary, Im kinda disappointed with the game. There was so much potential but the developers didnt really push the idea. They tried to play it too safe. Also that 'fight all enemies before final level' thing works in games like Devil May Cry and it feels out of place.

3665d ago
alishapiip3665d ago

Good review. Though it seems a little forgiving on the game.

If the developers had to ape God of War, a half-assed effort isn't going to do anything. The lack of enemy variety is a big disappointment, especially when they had so much source material to work with.

Look how well Santa Monica has used their source material to come up with creative enemies.

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