Aliens vs Predator Review - 8/10 in OXM

The UK's Official Xbox Magazine has given Sega's Aliens Vs Predator a very healthy 8/10 - telling its readers the game offers 'superb atmosphere'.

The mag's review compliments developer Rebellion on 'clearly knowing the universe inside out', adding that the UK firm has created' an authentic an utterly terrifying Aliens experience'.

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kaveti66163660d ago

Very lop-sided reception, I must say. Maybe it's a love it or hate it game.

NoOoB1013660d ago

I like the game kinda, only because its nice being something that kills without a gun. Graphics are eh..and animations are eh as well. but the multiplayer isn't too bad.

DecoyOctopus3660d ago

i love the demo!, this game is great & the graphics is is much better in the full game

Legionaire20053659d ago

compare to the very low score Game Informer gave it(5.75).