Blu-ray & HD DVD Have A New Challenger HD VMD

As if high-def DVDs weren't already a consfusing enough sell to consumers.

Starting in September, home media buffs in the U.S. and Europe -- Denmark, Finland, France, Poland and Sweden, specifically -- will have a third HD disc format to choose from, the HD Versatile Multilayer Disc VMD).

Debuting a full year and a half behind HD DVD, the fledgling HD VMD -- being championed by U.K. technology company New Medium Enterprises -- is starting almost from scratch in the U.S. in terms of both distribution and content.

No major U.S. studio has aligned itself with HD VMD yet (although one indie has). And so far, just one U.S. retailer, Web site, has formally agreed to sell the HD VMD player.

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Diselage4137d ago

Oh please god no, No more HD formats PLEASE. Can we stop beating the dead horse already. Bury it please the whole thing is starting to stink.

ThisIsWaiting4137d ago

I could not agree more.

Just give me one format thats going to be around for the next 5-7 years and I will be a happy happy man.

kingofps34137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

Be kind now.

@HD Versatile Multilayer Disc
Welcome to the format wars. Even though, in my opinion, the war is kinda over pretty much now.

Edit: @Diselage(below)
We gamers need to stay strong during these difficult times of format wars. lol

Diselage4137d ago

This is like the 6th HD format though isn't it?

Lord Anubis4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

if it has strong securities then it will be embraced by Hollywood. If it doesn't it becomes a causality of free HD movies on the internet.

which defeats the purpose of new formats, besides HD and deeper storage.

OutLaw4137d ago

I just got rid of my HD DVD add-on for my 360 and finally excepted blu ray as my choice of movie viewing. There is no way that I'm going to start over after the decision I made and adopt a new way of viewing movies and I hope that the film industry does the same. Enough with this bullsh!t of what is going to be the best way to look at HD movies.

TriggerHippie4137d ago

I completely agree with you on that 1. I'm tired of early adopters getting jerked around about which format to buy and then introducing new ones. I think HD VMD is to late into the war to be able to have an effect when most conmpanies have already decided which format to use.

TheXgamerLive4137d ago

Why if you really even have an Xbox 360 or two as you say, why even buy the HD-DVD add on and then sell it after just a short time? There are great movie for it and NO blu ray hasen't won anything.

Hmmm, something smells like a lie to me.

AGAIN PEOPLE: Dont make up sh1t just to sound cool, M'kay?

OutLaw4137d ago

My Gamertag is Snakeyez100 for the xbox 360 so there is no lying here.

I did have the hd dvd add-on from day one when it came out with King Kong. But I also have a PS3 and when I compared the two (Blu Ray and HD DVD) on my 61" hd tv. I felt that the quality of the blu ray just looked better. So I decided after awhile to support Blu Ray, that's it. So save that "something smells like a lie" for somebody else. Unlike alot of people on this site I don't bash the 360 or the PS3 I feel both systems suit me fine. But when it comes to the movies in my opinion Blu ray is better and that has nothing to do with the two gaming systems. What is your reason to think one is better than the other? Or maybe you just don't have neither and you are giving your opinion on hating? Let me know who's the liar now.

IBLEEDBLU4137d ago

this will sink sooo fast its not even funny