No Dpad - Colosseum Review: Flawed, Yet Keep Going for More

No Dpad:

I was quite surprised when I saw Colosseum rise to the top 100 paid apps with little to no media coverage. I actually didn't even know what it was until I clicked on the icon, and the application popped up to show a Zombieville-esque side scroller along with some impressive artwork.

And while it looked all spiffy, I knew nothing could replace Zombieville on the iPhone. Nothing could ever replace the sweet relief of blasting zombies' heads with shotguns or rocketing them to ashes, but Colosseum came pretty close to accomplishing what other side scrollers never had: fun. Never in the history of the App Store have I been more engrossed with a side scroller such as this, and ever since Zombieville, my life was, socially, never the same.

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