Former EyeToy exec warns of the difficulties facing Natal, 'Arc'

In a recent interview with, Jamie MacDonald, former Vice President of Sony Worldwide Studios (the company responsible for EyeToy), gave out a few pointers to Sony and Microsoft regarding their respective motion controllers. MacDonald warned that gamers are expecting more from the 360 and PS3's motion gaming than they do from the Wii, due to both consoles' beefier hardware. However, he also warned about implementing "traditional long-form gameplay," lengthy sessions of which would leave players "completely knackered."

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Sonyslave33667d ago

Damn sony love Natal i'm mean they can't stop talking about natal.

we won3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Well, Sony knows how damaging Natal will be to the PS3 so they downplay Natal, at the same time they mention both offerings as if they are on the same level so they can ride the Natal hype train hence the PS3 wand delay.

MSFT doesn't think they are competing with PS3 Wand tech and this is why Sony tries to downplay it and or find excuses to mention Natal and the PS3 wand for hype boosting. MSFT is not competing with PS3 wand tech or else they would have copied the Wii, MSFT is bringing the next evolution in motion to gamers and casuals. Sony should worry about the Wii turning the PS3 wand into just another gimic.

Elven63667d ago

Did you miss the "Former" party in the guys title? (aka no longer works at Sony)

ZombieAutopsy3667d ago

The openzone.... it's priceless.

snaz273667d ago

hense why they copied it! makes me laugh that they try and pass it off as innovative! ha ha, sony has been there and done that! From their experience they have realised you NEED a controller! just like nintendo did, MS are still in denial lmao.

butterfinger3667d ago

Everyone that has/had a Sony EyeCamera (EyeToy or current gen) can now stop what they are doing and point and laugh at this peon.

Elven63667d ago

Correction, DreamcastEye was the first implementation of such tech on a console, as time progressed the tech got more and more advanced.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

This guy failed

Oner3667d ago

That is totally correct Elven6 but the Eyetoy was the first SUCCESSFUL motion control on consoles up until the Wii.

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Bereaver3667d ago

In my honest opinion, that's why he's the "former" vice.


HowarthsNJ3667d ago

Ever played a light gun game?

I thought my arm would fall off after 30mins of shooting dinos (Ps2).

anh_duong3667d ago

i once knew a guy who had no arms or legs but was awesome at wii sports.. we called him clever diick..

peeps3667d ago

true lol i remember a year or 2 ago when living in a house with mates i actually picked up a time crisis game and gun and it seriously tires ur arm after no time at all. was having to rest on my knee lol

nix3667d ago

well.. these kind of games can only played for 30mins or an hour. imagine if these gimmicks were available in Demon's Souls. i would have died by the time i finished the game. 80 hours! my hands would have fallen off by now.

but it's a great thing for casual gamers and the likes. these kind of games will probably be played on parties etc...

peeps3667d ago

i do still like the idea of an oblivion style game tho with a sword/shield or whatever but in reality it prob would be too tiring lol

sikbeta3667d ago

I remember I played that Vampire Night Game with the Guncon 2 and after 1½ Hours was a pain for my hands, carpal tunnel FTL!!! lol

And the guy is right, jump-move/waggle for an entire (non FPS lol) game not only make you look stupid is a pain in the [email protected] after hours

Cenobia3666d ago

Yeah the same thing happened to me. I think that was more about the poor game design though. You had to fire A LOT of bullets at the enemies and it was just a constant onslaught. With pacing I think the Guncon could have been utilized better. I never played a Guncon game that utilized the analog stick, for example. If I could take a break from constantly pulling the trigger to move around and flank people or something, I think it would have alleviated some of the pain.

HowarthsNJ3666d ago

I can't remember if it was the Dino shooter or the Resident Evil shooter, but pulling the trigger and moving with the thumb stick cramped the hand something fierce.

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washingmachine3667d ago

im not expecting long session gaming on these types of control devices.thats why i never bought a wii cause i couldnt imagine swinging my arms about late at nite when i just wonna play the game lol. these are good for party games and abit of fun i think,the games themselves can be competetive but i wouldnt take them seriously enuff for the new versions of motion control to base full on games franchises on the controls.

Double Toasted3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

No More Heroes is the reason I'm a fan of Motion Controls...and I've put at least 72 hours into that game.

ASSASSYN 36o3667d ago

Some of you need to be knackered you lazy gits.

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