The Illusive Man's Guide to Mass Effect 2: The Classes

Gamer Syndrome writes: The Illusive Man wanted me to tell you that you suck at Mass Effect 2. Those are his exact words, so don't take any anger out on me, I'm simply the messenger. But worry not, dear reader, as the Illusive Man and I have teamed up to form a database of awesome, a duo of vast knowledge if you will, a tag team of intelligence and alien kickassery. We're here to help you out with Mass Effect 2 and we promise by the time you've finished getting your learn on, you'll be (almost) as amazing as we are at BioWare's newest RPG. We'll begin with each of the game's six classes, so strap in and get ready to have you mind filled with everything you need to know to maximize the potential of the class you choose.

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