The Top 5 Most Frustrating Gaming Moments Ever

From Terminal Gamer:

It's a rite of passage that all gamers will be familiar with: reaching a point in a game that's so ball-breakingly frustrating that you hurl the controller at the TV, slam your fist down on the console 'OFF' switch and storm out of the room, possibly giving the cat a good boot up the behind for good measure. The best games will always see you returning eventually, whispering apologies like a spurned lover as you coax the console back into life and promise that "I won't get so angry this time darling, let's give it another go." But sometimes there's only so much a man (or woman) can take. Here's a quick run down of the top five gaming moments that brought us close to having an embolism.

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VenerableBmoney3662d ago

Good article, nice diversity of selections. "Black" was especially difficult, and beating that game on the hardest difficulty is one of my most memorable gaming accomplishments.

NewZealander3662d ago

general raam was a ass, i got all the way to the end on the hardest setting but didnt have enough ammo to kill him, what a waste of time, worse then raam was the last boss in heavenly sword, i hate to admit i googled the ending for that game because i got sick of trying to kill him!

FishCake9T43662d ago

Bases loaded in MLB 09 and hitting into a doble play with your star slugger.

Mo0eY3661d ago

All frustrating gaming moments are on the PS3 or the Wii. The 360 you ask?

The 360 has no games.