Dante's Inferno's List of DLCs Dated

Dante's Inferno releases tonight at midnight and I am sure a lot of you have it completed by tomorrow morning. It come as no surprise that the game is not that long but to expand the hell experience with Dante's Inferno, there will be a series of downloadable content packs releasing soon for the PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360.

In your newly packaged Dante's Inferno, you will have an insert that says the planned contents and the planned release dates for each. Here's what you can expect to get from the DLC packs.

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belal3662d ago

this must be in the US since i allready own the game ( from Norway). The game is really a fun game, but i reccomend bioshock 2 over this game.

Hellsvacancy3662d ago

Theres afew mofos on my friends list who r already playin it aswel

mrmikew20183662d ago

I heard the game is 12hrs long, is that true?

The Meerkat3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I got it last Thursday from

But I'm stuck in the Forest of Suicides, at a point with two slopes which are covered in blood. There is one movable block but I can't get out. I keep sliding back down the slope.

Any help would be appreciated.

Montrealien3662d ago

yep 12hrs long sounds about right, I am 4 hours in and at the 3 deadly sin. Many great games from the last few months have been shorter, so I think it is decent.

The challenge editor and multiplayer should give it some legs in the long run though.

Zeal0t3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

You gotta hold the button to push the square up the slope, then jump on it and then quickly jump again while it's slidin down to reach the top.

I love the game! Finished it twice and right now i'm on my 3rd runthrough. Took me about 10 hours to complete it on my first runthrough.

I hope you can understand me because my english is not that good ^^

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BeaArthur3662d ago

It's smart of EA to release the DLC relatively quickly after the release (although I despise DLC for the most part) because based on the reviews this game doesn't look like it has a lot of staying power. Especially with GoW 3 right around the corner.

Montrealien3662d ago

Imho it has just as much staying power at any action adventure game should have. I am am pretty positive that I will spend as much time with this game as I will with God of War 3.

Dante`s inferno is a solid game, and I am getting tired of people bringing it down because GoW is just around the corner. If you are a GoW fan, you owe it to yourself to at least get Dante`s inferno now and trade it in when GoW comes out.

BeaArthur3662d ago

I was ready to pick this one up but then it received very average to below average reviews. And before everyone starts with their anti review rhetoric, I like reviews they help make my purchasing decisions. I will still check it out at some point, just not at its release.

FragGen3662d ago

You know, I can't help but feel EA should have released the Arena mode as a program feature at release rather than as an add-on. A lot of the reviews are panning Dante for it's unoriginal gameplay and the DLC is a new game mode that is not common in this genre and would make the game appear a little more original and stand out with such stiff competition on this game category this year.

I really think the DLC for this title feels like a money grab by EA. It's hard to justify laying out full retail price for a title like this knowing that one of the most compelling things it has will cost even MORE money after the fact.

nycredude3662d ago


And I am pretty tired of you defending it like you work for the company or something. I played the demo and it sucked. The reviews say it is average. Everyone say Bayonetta is better. Darksiders is better and way longer and with so many good games out I think this is a rent at best.

Montrealien3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

hey man, not my fault I think that if you don`t got anything good to say about anything you should just stfu. Spend your energy on something you like ffs, and let people find out if something sucks or not on their own terms.

We are all snowflakes.

cheers :)

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tehReaper3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I'm still deciding whether I should get this game or not. I enjoyed Darksiders but I think I might wait for GoW3 to come out. Is it really as bad as some of the reviews say?


Is it really worth $60 though? I'm a huge fan of GoW, but I don't know if I want to spoil my appetite by playing all the GoW-like games before GoW3 comes out.

ActionBastard3662d ago

I'm the same boat. I want to play GoW3 more than this, but I really like the concept and the demo. Dagnabbit!

Montrealien3662d ago

that`s a tough call, after the trade in, if you do that, its worth the 30$ or so you will end up paying for it for sure. And if you are not strapped for cash, it is worth it.

When you are down to budgeting gaming purchases, I would have to suggest you wait out for GoW. But if you can rent it, this is an amazing rental.

tehReaper3662d ago

Thanks for the advice. Yeah, my wallet is hurting right now. I still need to get Heavy Rain, Bioshock 2, and MAG.

Not to mention the rest of the year's games. The consoles are pumping out games left and right this year.

Montrealien3661d ago

I hear ya dem0n, if we where all rich, we would just by them all! lol, but also games would get boring quick. You appreciate a good game so much more when your hard earned cash is involved. And when you are tight, you got to make some good calls.

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jharv3662d ago

If EA would've kept these in the game the reviews might've been better.

ThisPlaceSucksBye3662d ago

There's always a swarm of idiots ready to buy an incomplete, ripoff of a game, so EA will keep doing this.

VanHalen3661d ago

Do not like this game! Its a poor rip off attempt of GOW of course. Go with Darksiders, its a MUCH better game and does it right! Great characters in that game. Ive got a few friends that purchased it after i told em what an awesome game it was. They loved it as well. Its like Spawn on steroids! Do not go buy the mixed reviews, its much better than i expected!