Forget Netflix, Gamefly Is Where It's At

RespawnAction: "I've always found it weird that Microsoft and Sony jumped on the whole movie streaming business. Yeah, systems nowadays can be considered to be more of a media hub rather than just game systems, but I for one consider them game systems first and foremost. Movies are watched by everyone and don't get me wrong, Netflix streaming is a neat feature that I and a lot of people use. But if there is one thing I noticed in the gaming world, that is that hard drives are getting bigger. This begs my question, why no Gamefly?"

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Umbrella Corp3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

The answer is because game devs see less sales.As Carlos Mencia once said...DE DE DE!


renting still hurts the developers,every game not purchased and rented was possible money for developers that really need it.Everyone should be buying games like Heavy Rain its a new genre and is risky we need to show our game developers support.Use Gamefly and other rental services as a way to test a game or to preview it,for some that are not worth the money is completely up to you.

respawnaction3664d ago

The DE DE DE is on you my friend, becuase even netflix streaming doesn't have the newest movies. That is only on the site itself. And, the people who use Gamefly streaming are those who already have the service, hence, not much of a different sale wise, AND as stated the newest games would most likely not be on the service. DE DE DE

vhero3664d ago

a game sells for £40 a movie £12 rental wouldn't be feasible.

barom3664d ago

I'm sure it'll come in time. The tech is probably just not ready yet, oh and did I mention the tech is called OnLive?

Nothing new here, move along.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3664d ago

Because streaming games isn't ready yet. Need at least 7Mbps for 720p, you can stream 1080p movies with half of that.

vhero3664d ago

Its not talking about streaming games rather downloading games to your hard drive and paying a monthly fee for 1 game at a time on your hard drive or whatever.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3664d ago

They have plenty of download services now, Games on Demand, PSN, and Steam just to name a few. How would Gamefly compete with Games on Demand on Xbox Live? I don't think Sony or MS would want to add another dl game service to compete with their own on their own network. It just wouldn't work, Gamefly would need an open free market network. The only way they could do it would be with streaming and like I said it's just not ready yet.