Cox Accidentally Offers Everyone In Arizona A Free PlayStation 3

Christopher writes about a promotion from Cox that sounded pretty great. The cable company and ISP offered a free Playstation 3 slim to customers who either signed up for a new account or upgraded to faster broadband. The problem with such a great offer? People tend to tell their friends. And those friends tend to call Cox to see if they can get in on the deal, too.

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Umbrella Corp3671d ago

So...they get thier cable from Cox huh?

callahan093671d ago

I lived in Arizona a couple years back, I got my cable from Cox. I've since moved out East and now I get my cable from Comcast. I think Comcast is better than Cox, but damned if I wouldn't like to be back in Arizona right now so I could get a free PS3 haha. What a crazy deal. I hope they make good on their offer.

unchartedgoty3671d ago

damn....people must have been so come i didnt hear about this in the mail or paper?

xGet_In_There3671d ago

more pi**ed. I received a flyer with the promotional code and was stoked because I cannot stand Comcast. Eager to switch to cox and get faster and better service she looks up my address and they do not service my area. Apparantley only Comcast covers this side of Tucson and it really pi**ses me off. BAD.

Nineball21123671d ago

I don't blame you for being upset.

That's a hell of a deal and I wish my cable company was offering something like that. Hell, I'd snatch that up in a second.

All you'd have to do is upgrade for 12 months (if you aren't already a subscriber with them) and then drop it after that.