Competitive Shooter Rundown (MW2, BF:BC2, KZ2, MAG) writes:

If there is one genre of game that the current crop of game developers have really nailed with exceptional quality, variety, and polish, it is the competitive shooter. The range of choices and the level of quality is amazing.

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TooTall193666d ago

Killzone 2 is my favorite and will be my favorite until Killzone 3. MW2 and BFBC 2 are still fun to play for a little variety. Starting Bioshock 2 mp tomorrow

Xwow20083665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

i enjoyed MW2 SP the most , and i think KZ2 MP is the best for FPS..period also i cant wait to finish mid-term exams to get mag and enjoy it. :)

ian723664d ago

I have got MW2,MAG,KZ2,BFBC1 and getting BFBC2 day 1. I enjoyed all the games even MW2. They are all good shooters but all different. At the moment MAG is getting most of my play time(great game IMO). Love the BFBC2 demo but don't want to play that too much, would rather wait till full game releases.
I agree that the range of choices and level of quality in games these days are amazing.

MysticStrummer3664d ago

MAG makes the others feel empty and boring. Keep on fighting those minor skirmishes if that's your thing, but if you want to get into a real battle get into MAG.