Did Bad Company 2 Change Your Mind?

RespawnAction: "Playing Modern Warfare 2 are yah? Love the game? I'm sure you do, because many people out there do. But as you may know, a little game called Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is coming out to give MW2 a run for it's money. If you are a die hard Call of Duty fan that tried Bad Company 2, did it change your mind? Did these few key gameplay elements make you think differently?"

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PtRoLLFacE3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

hell yeah after playing the bad company 2 demo, i when back and play MW2 and i just got into ground war game, as soon as i re-spawn i got kill by a shopper gunner using danger close, i when like wtf-ing bullshit is this, i just quit and when back to BC2 2 demo, BC2 is much better, it looks better, has destructible environments, vehicles and u don't have to worry about perks and and air strikes, every class has a purpose unlike CoD, so yeah bad company 2 definitely made me not want to play MW2 ever again

mjolliffe3660d ago

I hate MW2 now. It's just been ruined by hackers and glitchers. Unplayable.

-Alpha3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Truthfully at first I didn't get into it, but I spent more time with it and a whole world of variety opened up.

Playing MW2 now just frustrates me. Not because BC2 is better but because MW2 itself is broken. It's like a dead star self-imploding on itself, it's just too much of an unstable game to ever enjoy.

In BC2 when I get killed by something I never consider it cheap or nooby. In MW2 there is far too much crap happening in such a small space that it's ridiculous. I really dont mind that the maps are small, just that the pacing is poor in terms of balance, killstreaks, etc.

MW2 sucked out all that was fun in MW1, which was such a better game. People have moved on with MAG, and now BC2 will take the throne IMHO, DICE is very promising and have poured their heart into making a game for people to enjoy.

adriano9993660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

after trying the demo, i hate bbc2 because it simply destroyed the fun that i had playing modern warfare 2 :D
day one for me

DelbertGrady3660d ago

I think the BC2 demo is pretty weak. Don't get me wrong, I'm buying the game as soon as it comes out but the snow level and the attack/defend game mode isn't that impressive. The graphics looks a bit messy at times and it's hard to spot the enemies in the snow landscape. And it has lots of glitches as well. I would much rather have tried out the desert level with team deathmatch. Still buying it though and I think the final game will be sweet.

-Alpha3660d ago

You played console demo, didn't you?

The beta trumps the demo because the demo only lets you level up once and doesn't give you any attachments or guns to unlock after you level once.

In the beta everything was available to you.

Note though that the demo is an early version so I'm confident in the final product.

I also preferred Arica Harbor, the desert map, over the snow map, and Rush is great but I'm dying to play classic conquest and Squad deathmatch.

DelbertGrady3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Yes! Console demo.

I've watched videos of the PS3 beta and it looks like much more fun. The demo isn't bad, I've played it alot, I just think the final game will be so much better.

And if the demo is anything to go by the PS3 owners will be happy. I've played both versions of the demo on a 50" Samsung LED and the PS3 version looks noticeably better. Not as messy and less jaggies. It also seemed to chug along without as many hiccups as the 360 version but that could have to do with the PS3 session only having 4 players where as the 360 session wa full.

infamousinfolite3660d ago

It sure as heck changed my mind BFBC2 FTW!!!

thetruthinator3660d ago

Its awesome. in bbc2 strategy and positioning are king; it is a tactical game. Camping in bbc2 is much less effective/prevalent (thus far) than in MW2.

In MW2 each map tends to have 3-4 chokepoints that can be camped and locked down... but in bbc2 the maps are so large that camping is often to you and your teams disadvantage.

It feels like an actual conflict when you're playing it and i think that DICE effectively pulled off the kind of gameplay that MAG was shooting for.

infamousinfolite3660d ago

That pretty much explains it all.

DarkTower8053660d ago

I've never liked BF games for the following reasons: Spawn campers and vehicles. I've even been in matches where my team was being spawn camped by tanks. How is that fun?

If I want an online killing fix MW2 is still king for that. As much as people complain about boosters/glitchers I've rarely ran into them. Probably because I only play TDM and cheaters mainly use other modes.

ScoobyDrew3660d ago

actually you can level up twice... it just takes 4,000,000 points to get to level three haha

n4f3660d ago

what i hate the most is when people say its the best game ever made by mankind in whole univers

Nikuma3660d ago

This game blows MW2 out of the water.

CyberCam3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Mind was changed from the first hour of playing both (PS3). I rented MW2 and I was in the PS3 beta. I played the game everyday of the beta and had a tear in my eye when it ended.

I remember being so frustrated playing MW2 for that week I had it and feeling so much joy when play BFBC2 because of how much fun I was actually having.

Put it this way... the last time I played MW2 multiplayer, I died 14 times in a row because of spawning with my back to the opponent, I didn't even get a change to take a step forward! After that experience, back to Blockbuster it went!

In BFBC2, I could get 1 kill & die 50 times and somehow the game still feels rewarding, not to mention those epic fail ways to get kill leaves me LMAO.

I also agree with you Arica Harbour is much more enjoyable than this new snow map!

jessupj3660d ago

Great article, but they forgot another very important feature MW2 is lacking...

Dedicated servers. BAZINGA!

I absolutely loved the beta, it was just so fun. I could play the game with the same map over and over the whole day and never get bored. It's true camping really does not work in this game. Even when you're defending, the maps are so big that smart attackers can easily out flank you if you camp. I learnt quickly you have to be on your toes the whole time. It's awesome.

I too skipped MW2 for this game. I'd much rather support DICE than those pr*cks at act. and IW.

BlackAvenger73659d ago

I think the demo is better because it's way more balanced than the beta(which also was full of jaggies).. seriously, I hated the beta and a lot of my friends did, but after playing the demo for a couple of days, it's a day 1 purchase for me..

vickers5003659d ago

Bad Company 2 would be one of the few shooters that would actually benefit from perks. People say how battlefield is so realistic, yet you can unload more than half of your clip onto an enemy and they will still be standing. Stopping power and sleight of hand would be good in BC2, though they could make it to where having perks such as that would decrease something like accuracy or movement speed.

Bad company would benefit from SOME perks.

SL1M DADDY3659d ago

Sorry, but the fact that most BF games have sold less than 3 million, I doubt that those developing MW2 and the content for the future are concerned about it "giving MW2 a run for its money". BF:BC2 will be a good game but it will in no way sell or be played int he numbers that MW2 have been. It's just fact.

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Hanif-8763660d ago

I didn't buy MW2 because of this game and i can't wait until it releases :-)

SixZeroFour3660d ago

im with you on that...i weighed my options, given my lack of money at this moment, i had to think about which fps i was going to get (originally planned on getting both, but realized i only had time and enough money for one game)

on the one hand there was mw2, which is a pretty mediocre shooter, fun but not too team oriented and highly unbalanced, however i knew all my friends were getting it

then there was bfbc2, which i already liked the originals gameplay elements, liked how team oriented it was, and even with destructible environments and vehicles, it still manages to be a pretty well balanced game, on the downside, i knew that many of my friends were too much into mw2 and didnt even have or play the first bfbc

in the end, i just like the team work within bfbc2's gameplay more than playing an unbalanced game with my

corneliuscrust3660d ago

I LOVED Cod4, played the hell out of it on both 360 and PC. But as the MW2 launch approached and we began to see how much they were gimping the game, I knew i wasn't going to support that kind of BS. Soon as the beta dropped for PS3, i fell in love. Now with the demo, i can't put it down. it's like all i play anymore are ME2 and BC2 (well those and Forza3) just because it is that engrossing of a game. I played a lot of BF1942 and the Desert Combat mod (AMAZING) back in the day and it was like breathing fresh air again coming to the wide open terrain of a Battlefield game over the tight corridor shooters we've been inundated with.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3660d ago

I loved CoD4 as well. IMO it is the best online FPS i have played. I think it was a better constructed game than MW2 and I felt it was a lot more balanced. From the demo I really like BFBC2. Im even thinking it could be as good as CoD4.

GSpartan7773660d ago

"the teambased gameplay may intrigue many people that might not have been interested before, and they may figure out that team play can be just as fun. Cooperarting, talking, planning and executing tactics are a real thrill, and knowing that you did your job to help win is great."

No matter how much you promote that crap it's never going to be like that in public games. MAG the suppose "teambased game, IMA QUIT MW2 FO THIS Shiat" is already considered just a big 128 vs. 128 TDM.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 already has people complaining about players treating the game like a deathmatch game and playing it like a COD game. Doesn't matter how much you try, all "tactics/team based" game on a public level (which all these articles are being based on) will always turn into just a big TDM. "This game requires teamwork unlike MW2" my @ss. Unless it's on a competitive level with tournaments, leagues and scrim, non of these shooter requires more skills than MW2 to play, they are all the same.

- Welcome to FPS gaming.

SixZeroFour3660d ago

depends on what you intend on doing, and who your playing for myself, i always plan on WINNING the match whether its a defender or attacker and the first thing i do i find out who has a mic and is using it

as an attacker, if you plan on winning (which i pointed out, i like to do) you cant treat it as a tdm game cause you and your team only share 75 lives per 2 objectives, so you cant just stick around and camp or go for kills cause its pointless. as a defender, of course youd treat it more like a tdm game cause all you are doing is defending and making sure they dont get to your objectives

but at the same time whether you are attacking or defending, of course you would treat it somewhat like a tdm game, because you DO have to kill the enemies to have an opportunity to plant, or defend the objective...what do you really expect in an fps game

when you say team deathmatch, you mean ppl just try to kill the opponents right? again, how else do you think you are going to plant the bomb, or defend the objective if you dont kill the enemies

Rich16313660d ago

Socom is the only game out there like that. 99% of people use headsets, teamwork, call out enemy players, and play competitive as all hell. I think it has to do with the fact that you can vote people out and matches are only non-respawn so it forces you to play tactically. I wish that the 360 would get a game like that. I am talking about a tactical, realistic, non respwawn shooter...could be first person or third person I don't care.

THE_GLOW3660d ago

"No matter how much you promote that crap it's never going to be like that in public games. MAG the suppose "teambased game, IMA QUIT MW2 FO THIS Shiat" is already considered just a big 128 vs. 128 TDM."

Really, who told you that then? LOL.

The only team deathmatch game mode is suppression, everything else is objective based. You cant win domination without taking objectives seriously.

As another poster stated above, if you want to win then you will have to work as a team, if your defending then you will have to kill - shock horror, MAG is a war game, in war people get shot and killed.

I wish people would stop all the gossiping.

corneliuscrust3660d ago

Nah, you just need to party up!

In the demo alone as soon as I start playing, 3 of my friends appear in my squad and we hit up party chat.

The incentive of spawning at any one of your team mates is a HUGE motivator and can pretty quickly turn the tides of battle.


Warhawk suffered from the same problem. 3 months down the line get rid of most of the Rambo noobs that couldn't defeat a simple zone but keep getting warhawks just to crash on the ground...

thetruthinator3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

First thing i would like to say is that this is just a DEMO! its only been out for a week or so and i would not expect a whole lot cooperation from people who are on for the first time and dont know how to even play yet.

Secondly i would like to say that playing as a team makes a big difference. If i can just get a couple of team players in my squad, we'll wreck house and by myself i dont ever do nearly as well. The class system itself promotes teamplay as it is. You need variety of classes in your squad so you can tackle whatever youre up against.

bjornbear3660d ago

I played well, and added players who I played with that played well too, and we played as a squad, and won 4 fold

We had no mic's, but we didn't need them, since we would consciously select which ever class wasn't being used in the squad.

as a scout i'd spot and take out from afar, covering them, etc

team work does benefit from communication, but just because you don't have mic's doesn't mean you can't work well as a team, it just helps a lot

I love the BF:BC2 demo because teamwork does exist (with the odd retarded team mate's that spend half the time aiming at the clouds...) and I believe its even more so in MAG, or else people wouldn't enjoy the game half as much as they seem to

BlackAvenger73659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

I think the in BC2 teamwork is needed (based on the demo), but not as much as what others are saying.. and even in MW2 when u play against an organized team, u will most likely be screwed!

I loved the sniper(the 1st one), even though I rarely use the recon class(picked up enemy snipers many times), but I found it pretty much easy to snipe, and no scope kills are easier than many fps games.. lol at "team mate's aiming at the clouds"

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chak_3660d ago

no, because I didn't play MW2.

plain & simple

smithdown3660d ago

...and I went out and bought the first Bad Company game with the proceeds. The first game is fun if a bit ropey looking. The sequel is AMAZING from what I have played so far, which is two maps. I've been loving experimenting with classes, finding cool places to snipe from, trying different tactics. I love the way that score is balanced so well between the classes, so in fact you can get as many points from healing teamates as from killing enemies. There's nothing like blowing up a tank and getting 500 points for your trouble! Can't wait for March. :)

SourGrapes3660d ago

i LOVE sniping in this game!!!

bjornbear3660d ago

sniping in this game, unlike in many, is an art that requires practice.

and by sniping I mean using the sniper rifle as a long and short distance weapon, not a camp-cannon.

I hunt campers as a side hobby in the game xD