Nintendo Power, Official Nintendo magazine teasing surprises

It looks like two of the bigger Nintendo magazines - Nintendo Power and the Official Nintendo Magazine - have something special in store.

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Valay3660d ago

There's a lot of buzz going around right now about Nintendo. Makes things exciting!

Ziriux3660d ago

The magazines need to combine their boring.

animboo3660d ago

their always teasing something and time and time again i get my hopes crush by another lame mario spinoff, or another mediocre game.
dont get me wrong i really want nintendo to make a great game its just that i got disappointed a lot this gen by them..
another mario is fine but cant they make something new or fresh, something we've never seen before..
i do hope its something new and good..

Ziriux3660d ago

Man neither magazine isn't really a joy to read.

ChickeyCantor3660d ago

It will disappoint anyway xD

YoungKingDoran3660d ago

dont they do this every month? but i am always excited to see what it is, soo many things i would want it to be...

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