Gamervision: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers Review

Gamervision writes: "Final Fantasy is a big name. A huge name. The series has spanned 13 iterations in the core series and dozens of spin-offs, and has become, for many people, the quintessential RPG series. Some might argue that the formula has become stale, but none can deny Square's commitment to excellence, with each game's release being a massive event celebrated throughout the industry. The same can't be said for all of the games to carry the name, however, as some of the spin-off series have felt stale since their inception. One example is Crystal Chronicles, which has always felt like Square's half-hearted attempt at appeasing Nintendo fans without committing to a real Final Fantasy title. Over the years, the side series has yet to really find itself preforming at a level that might be compared to the core, something that Square hopes to fix with the release of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers."

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