Famitsu Reviews Heavy Rain, RE5: Alternate Edition and MAG

Famitsu reviews Heavy Rain and RE5: Alternate Edition, giving both games platinum awards for scoirng 37/40. MAG got a gold award for scoring 32/40.

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Saaking3667d ago

Great score for Heavy Rain and MAG.

Grandmaster3667d ago

RE5 got good scores too, which is surprising to me at the least

d_dogg20073667d ago

I don't mean to insult your opinion bro but RE5 was pure sh8t!!! It was just RE4 reskinned and they threw in a cheap co-op mode, pure garbage the first RE game I didn't buy. They didn't event try hard to make it different

SprSynJn3667d ago

I don't mean to insult your opinion saggy dog, but some of us actually enjoyed RE5 despite the fact it strayed a bit from it's predecessors. Being as I did not purchase the original copy, and that the wife enjoys playing it with me, I will be picking the alternative edition up.

Lirky3667d ago

Nice score for Heavy Rain original idea a new-wave of gaming other than the repeatative nature of gaming nowdays, developers need to take risks if they dont then everyone will start to think everythings the same.

Michael-Jackson3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Lets play a game - Solve this puzzle.

Good score for Heavy Rain :)

chrisulloa3667d ago

PS3 has no gaems, just movies.

Michael-Jackson3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Obama is the winner and chrisulloa is the loser, nothing is new here.

Trebius3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

no games!!
the more the xbot fangirls say they dont like the game and it's a movie, the more i know they want the game.

Cause just like any human being, it's in their nature to hate when something they cant have is being waved in their face constantly.

Mo0eY3667d ago

I can't hear you, Chris. The 360 is crying because he has no games. :)

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ActionBastard3667d ago

Didn't see a 37/40 coming from Famitsu for Heavy

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The story is too old to be commented.