Nintendo Sues Australian Pirate for $1.5 Million

Nintendo have just announced that they've successfully concluded a settlement in the Australian federal court against an Australian individual accused of "illegally copying and uploading to the Internet" part of New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

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Fyzzu3660d ago

That price is utterly, utterly insane.

AndyA3660d ago

Is it just me that's skeptical about the “sophisticated technological forensics”?

asdr3wsfas3660d ago

Haha, the sophisticated forensics were explained on another site:

"According to GBATemp the guy who leaked the game was a regular there and probably got caught not through the use of "sophisticated technological forensics" but because he posted pictures of himself with the game and receipt, complete with home details, as a response to people telling him he released a fake dump. Who knows if it's true or not, but either way, this dude is hosed for life. That was a settlement, too - wonder how much jail time he was up for."

They just probably verified his copy of the game made the image and that his IP was available on the torrent.

catguykyou3660d ago

How is it overkill? The guy put up the game online. at 50$ per download, how many free copies do you think he gave away? Only takes 30k downloads to equal the cost they are sueing him for. On top of that, they normally factor in legal costs and whatever costs it took to track the guy and catch him as well. This isn't as simple as he stole a 50$ game.

asdr3wsfas3660d ago

A big part of sentencing criminal behavior is making it in proportion to the crime and that is off here. If you get that much without making money why not just pirate games for cash? Sell them out of your garage or put ads on a warez or torrent site. If the minimal crime is punished this severely there's no incentive to keep from going all the way to the limits of illegal behavior.

Feral Gamer3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Unfortunately, this will not dissuade any other pirates from cheating the system. Piracy will always be rampant and result in lost profits because people are too cheap to buy their entertainment. If they want free entertainment, they should go to a library and check out some books or watch TV. Sorry but I am disgusted by the piracy numbers these days for music, movies, and games.

ChickeyCantor3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

"Sorry but I am disgusted by the piracy numbers these days for music, movies, and games."

So in the end we should just give million dollar fines.
This guy will be in jail for life. In contrast i do not think he deserved it. Even though Nintendo makes a loss with every download, the amounts of copies sold is still high.

Not saying its awesome to pirate, just find the verdict ridiculous.

Fromo the PR: "illegally copying and uploading to the Internet the first game file"

First game file? What?
So its not even the whole thing, its just a part?

Myst3660d ago

Makes 'ya wonder what would the fine be if s/he were to upload the whole thing.

Feral Gamer3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

I owe $18k in student loans and about $10k in other debts and I still can afford to purchase every game and song I use.

silvacrest3660d ago

i dont mean to be rude but i dont get what your trying to say

for all you no this guy has a 800$ debt but still pirates, my point is, personal circumstances dont always contribute to life style choices

Feral Gamer3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

I'm trying to say that there shouldn't be piracy. Even if you have financial circumstances you should still pay for what you play. There is no excuse for theft. I'm not saying the guy can't afford it, but I've heard people say "I'm can't afford all the games coming out"

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TABSF3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

The problem is not piracy
The problem is companies charging £40 and $60 for games that only last 5 hours
The problem is the Price

On PC games are far cheaper but still could be less, I have paid for 107 games on steam and saves hundreds by getting the games on offer

Rarely do I see offers to people in shops and very rarely I see offers on console games.

Digital distribution is the future as less companies have a slice of the cake meaning cheaper games as the Developer and Publisher gets more money

PC Steam
Developer/Publisher - Steam - Me
Developer/Publisher - Platform holder - Distributor - Store - Me

asdr3wsfas3660d ago

To be fair it took my friends and I 27 hours the first time through to complete every NSMB level. That argument works but this game was pirated a week before release and hence it doesn't apply to this game. Generally though you're right.

tda-danny3660d ago

Well, no hes not right. If a game is too short to be of value for you, it is not your 'right' to pirate it. Your right would be to not purchase it, and if enough people do that, it will drop in price quickly and any potential sequels should be longer.

There really isn't any justification for stealing it I'm afraid.

asdr3wsfas3660d ago

I mean he's right that's the reason people steal the games. Obviously they don't have a right to do it. But he's correct that they feel they aren't receiving enough value for their money.

I'm in law school hoping to end up in IP law with a CS degree, I am the last person who would be sympathetic to piracy.

gillri3660d ago

I always get offers on console games

and piracy is far bigger on the PC than all the console combined so your

arguement = fail

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