IGN: Nintendo Voice Chat Podcast Episode 65

IGN writes: "Welcome to Nintendo Voice Chat,'s Nintendo centric podcast. Once again this week, host Craig Harris pulls entirely from the pool of San Francisco editors. Sam Claiborn, Scott Bromley, and Peer Schneider join in for some throwback chat."

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Shnazzyone3661d ago

I'm not wasting my time listening to a half hour of people who play games for living whining about nintendo. It's become one of the most anti-nintendo nintendo podcasts of all time.

hatchimatchi3660d ago


you're basing this on 2 podcasts that were released earlier this year.

The last podcast was all about the n64 (episode 64) and it was really good. Greg Miller's story on Superman64 was hilarious.

The podcast is so much better now that Craig has taken over. It actually comes out on a regular basis and they talk about things that are interesting. Just because they had a podcast where they voiced complaints about the wii doesn't mean they hate the system. They even said that in the very next podcast (episode 62 i think).

Plus, listen to the other podcasts, 'Podcast Beyond' (ps3) & the 'Gamescoop' podcast. Hillary from the 360 team always makes jabs at the 360 (the podcast name is 3 red lights....RROD...) & the playstation team take jabs at the psp go and at the ps3.

I don't read the IGN website but I enjoy the podcasts. I'd rather hear complaints and an honest discussion instead of blind faith, that's the reason I ended my subscription to Nintendo Power, that magazine is absolute garbage now.

Shnazzyone3660d ago

After wasting 45 minutes of my life listening to them jabber on and on about how incredible achievements and trophies are without even the slightest hints of current Wii news when i knew there was a plethora they could talk about at the time... unsubscribed. I originally listened to that podcast because it had a very inside look at the Nintendo news and you got big news hidden between the lines. I'm not all that interested in their retro reminicence either... i can get that from my group of friends and take part in the discussion. I want reviews of new ds and wii titles, new news and rumors. Not interested in the human angle of the hosts.

Though kudos on a regular release... But apparently it's been at the cost of quality.