Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for $19.95?

Barnes & Noble has the PC version of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 listed for pre-order at $19.95, but it appears that this actually covers the entire game. It's unclear whether this is a mistake or not on the retailer's part, but if you plan on getting Bad Company 2, you should definitely go ahead and buy this in the event that they do honor it. The game normally retails for $50.

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ATi_Elite3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

I'm on my way to Barnes and Noble right now!!

They sale books. Do they even sale video games or is $19.95 for the walk through guide? (Who the hell reads books? I use them for fire wood)


I JUST F****** ordered Battlefield Bad COMPANY 2 from Barnes & Noble for $19.95 + TAX = $21.97 ONLINE and I got a receipt and a confirmation number. They have to honor it in my state even if it's a mistakes.


-Alpha3664d ago

Resell the book?

Never trust news titles with question marks at the end of them.

Blaze9293664d ago

I wish it was the console version. Krayzie Bone what state you live in with that law?

ATi_Elite3664d ago

Hey after buying 3 copies for myself and telling all my friends ( who have all ordered multiple copies online) This is FOR REAL. The PC price is listed as $19.99 but the PS3 and 360 version is $49.99.

I live in OHIO and once you get a receipt on a sale they have to honor that price or they get fined like $200,000.00 dollars.

So I suggest you go to Barnes & Noble. I'm a take a trip to the store in the morning and buy another copy and see what happens.

either way REAL price or MISTAKE BFBC2 is mine for a great price.

-Alpha3664d ago

Oh wow I misunderstood what you wrote. Dammit, my PC isn't capable of BC2 >:(

MerkinMax3664d ago

$24.94 and I hope this works out

mikeslemonade3664d ago

Modern Warfare 2 has better graphics. Why would you buy this game?

mauleriscool3664d ago

If you buy games for graphics your are a fool. Crysis on PC had amazing graphics, but the gameplay was awful.

GamerSciz3664d ago

I guess you didn't notice that is the LE (Limited Edition) retailing for $50 whereas the link to the plain on BFBC2 game non LE is $20...


FantasyStar3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

I doubt things will work out as many people would hope. Behold, the B&N Terms of Use.

The price for an item on the Barnes & Site may differ from the price shown in a User's shopping cart — it is possible that such price may increase or decrease between the time the item is placed in a shopping cart and the time that the purchase is actually made. On rare occasions, an item may be priced incorrectly on the Barnes & Site. If the price for the item on the Barnes & Site is incorrect and is actually higher than the price provided at the time of purchase, then, at the sole discretion of Barnes &, Barnes & may either (i) contact the User for instructions before shipping the item or charging the User for such item; (ii) cancel the order for such item and notify the User of such cancellation; or (iii) ship the item at the incorrect price to the benefit of the User."

-Right here you're probably thinking. Oh, we might get the price. But read the next part.

*Please note that this policy regarding prices applies only to items sold and shipped by Barnes & Any purchases of Digital Content, as that Term is defined in Section XII below, or from any third-party sellers on the Barnes & Site (e.g., sellers of products provided via Barnes & Noble BookQuest LLC) may be subject to different policies in the event of an incorrectly priced item.

Notice that the item is being shipped from "Gamestop". Better hope your Credit Cards don't have a Charge-back fee.

EDIT: Even Slickdealz are coming up cold on this deal too.

The UPC Code on the link isn't even the same as the game itself. More of a reason.

darkmurder3664d ago

What a bargain i suggest everyone buy it! I feel even $50 US isn't enough for this game it's that good from the beta.

FragGen3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Congratulations, you just preordered the Battlefield Bad Company 2 GUIDE BOOK for the standard price of $19.95. (rolleyes).

Learn how to use the search: Type Battlefield and all of the software pre-orders come up at full price along with the $20 guide book that the retard who wrote the original article linked to (and you subsequently ordered).

namyrb3663d ago

Im not sure what you're talking about. Where does it say Guide Book?



STONEY43663d ago

"If you buy games for graphics your are a fool. Crysis on PC had amazing graphics, but the gameplay was awful."

I would normally go on a rant about how Crysis has good gameplay, but I just came back to N4G after about a month or two off, so I'm not gonna bother.

Red Panda3663d ago

I hope this game sells alot. Its a giant leap forward from the first one. Its almost sad how I can play the demo for hours and not get bored of it. The panda says day one buy!

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rroded3664d ago

sigh no way a title like this will b so cheap.

mikepmcc3664d ago

no, it is, I got Forza 3 for 40 on release day from B&N

T3L3PROOF3664d ago

Too bad it's the PC version, my computer can handle it, but all my friend are on the PS3, and this is a tactical shooter, so rather be playing with friends.

ballsofsteel3664d ago

yea same here wish this was for PS3 too

T3L3PROOF3664d ago

Well I decided to buy it anyways for PC, it came out a total of $24.94 it hasn't been deducted from my bank account yet so I am still wondering what's going on.

Taco_Waffle3664d ago

Fine print says your card will be charged when your item ships.

dirthurts3664d ago

Just ordered my copy. They better ship it. It says it's via Gamestop. Pretty sweet. I checked and it's listed as a game, not a book. The collectors edition is only 49$ for pc, which is also a pretty good deal.

Obama3664d ago

I can get it cheap anyways since I know someone from EA.


If you are sitting in the White House playing video games, we need a new president pronto.

TheIneffableBob3664d ago

EA discount makes it roughly the same price. The discount for EA employees is like $25 on new games.

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