IGN: PlayStation 3: The Comeback Kid?

Twelve long months ago, the PlayStation 3 was in dire straights. November and December 2008 saw the system selling just barely over a million units combined. By contrast, the 360 moved more than twice as many units and the Wii a whopping four times more than the shiny black brick. Things were even more dire heading into 2009; a precipitous drop to barely more than 200,000 units in January and a slight uptick to just over 275,000 meant things needed to change. Fast.

Except they didn't. Sony held steadfast to its $400 price point for the 80GB version of the system for the bulk of 2009. It wasn't until August of last year that the prices were slashed to make way for the Slim at the magical price point of $300, but that was apparently what the public was waiting for. To say that the Slim PS3 has breathed life into a system that was at a sales standstill is massive understatement.

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deadreckoning6663667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

@Alpha Male- Great comment. I think its a psychological problem really with PS3 fanboys.By getting so angry about that "ME2 is better than UC2" comment their just showing how important IGN's opinion is to them. I mean WTF! They did the same thing with GOW3 and Bayonetta, GT5 and Forza 3, MGS and Splinter Cell, then ALL OF A SUDDEN, Greg Miller comes along and does this and ALL OF A SUDDEN, IGN has the problem lmao.

Like you said, Demon Souls got Gamespot's GOTY and PS3 fanboys STILL got mad. It really doesn't get much worse than that. These people obviously have some personal demons and they use the "console war" to vent their frustrations. If there was a way to help them, I would.

Crimsonite3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

I personally don't care which game a person prefers over the other.Ign claimed one game to be superior to the other(no problem there) and then claimed that no one else's opinion was valid on the matter.All they wanted to do was start a flame war to gather trolls and get hits... Omg and look at this, a fanboy troll has magically appeared(in every ign article about the matter?) and is doing nothing but trolling until its time for dinner where you go off under your bridge home to eat little children...

sikbeta3667d ago

"Ign claimed one game to be superior to the other(no problem there) and then claimed that no one else's opinion was valid on the matter"

Crimsonite, you hit the nail on the head Pal, the dude wrote that "article" like if he was "the Voice of PS3 Owners", like when a guy start with something like: "don't get me wrong I love (X-thing) »[BUT]«..." and let the Flame-War begin

At some point this [email protected] will start to get old, so they need to squeeze the more they can before people Realise what's Really Going On....

Dutch Boogie3667d ago

IGN can eat a fat one. These guys don't know if they hate the ps3 or not lol. Like the delusional step child of a dysfunctional family. I can't wait till they go out of business at some point. These guys are way too inconsistent.

chidori6663667d ago

Inb4Can'tspellignorantwithoutI GN...

Trebius3667d ago

but anyway ... yay sony ... whatever... old news lol. The train's got its momentum, it's not gonna stop going.

PS3 wins.

Michael-Jackson3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Game Trailers says hi.

starchild3667d ago

Oh boo hoo. You guys hate anybody that doesn't consistently tow the Sony line and worship the PS3 as much as you guys. It doesn't matter how much good a site says about the PS3 they will still be hated by you PS3 fanboys the moment they say something even the least bit negative about the PS3.

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neil903667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Is compelling gaming journalism. Sadly it is skewed illogical mess that is laughable. They need to stop making these articles. If they want to get an industry point of view. Use statistical evidence. Quote NPD numbers, do something about why casual games are appealing instead of 'nintendo lacks any originality', discuss about hype and marketing as an impact on sales. Discuss the foray of the gaming industry instead of appealing to console wars. They are basically after a limited audience.

3667d ago
neil903667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

I am a writer for a weekly magazine. A journalist and it is around the a higher range of quality writing except I don't consider myself a good writer, and more of a math type person.

presto7173667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

I'm pissed that a site I used to spend a lot of time on has turned in to something else. WTF is it to you?? Why is it any of your business?
You say I should not care about "ONE MAN'S OPINION", then how is my own opinion any of your f**king business.

So I should not talk about Miller's opinion, but you are free to talk sh*t about mine??

______________F.*.*.K______ Y.O.U _|^|_

George Sears3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Because pure speculation and controversial/sensationalist headlines is all you need to garner hits. Fanboys just make it too damn easy and unresistable. People dislike gaming journalism but to be honest, having little geeks moaning about some plastic toys is what strives them to create these articles.

You can really see the difference in the overall quality aspect of major gaming websites like IGN when it came to last gen and beyond towards what they give now (although I might add, a very simple and tamed compared to the many flamboyant and farfetched articles that pop up from time to time) because they are basically giving us what these kids want. Social Darwinism at it's finest.

Chris3993666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

Bubbles and all that. I would also add that people seem to have forgotten that the U.S. is currently recovering from a massive, economic downturn. They are strong nationalists and a capitalist society, it is natural for them to support their own product (Xbox) above all others. That's also part of the reason why JRPGs - including a few reviews of XIII - are and will continue to be so poorly favored this gen. It's simply not an American product (as with Sony's PS3). You can see the shift in review scores, hype and tastes as the West plunged deeper into the recession too - more 10s (they really need to stop being so liberal with those), more slagging and more flame-bait titles for hits.

The Wii is doing a little better because it's simply fun to play and has already been too absorbed by the mainstream to separate from American culture. That said, aside from it's first-party games, you can see many of the same criticisms being leveled against the device from similar publications - no/ poor games, weak feature-set, flawed-online, etc..

That's my take anyhow.

P.S. I'm not anti-American. I have many friends and relatives in the States and visit California several times each year for business and pleasure. I was just offering my take on gaming culture in the U.S. as it relates to economics.

mastiffchild3666d ago

Well said, Chri, I've worked for a LOT of local papers in my lifetime(ansd my dad before me)as sports writers/reporters and I see the issue clear as day-it's exactly the same as when your local rag is softer on the local team. It wll happen in Japan the other way vround but we just don't see it. It isn't bias as you don't know you do it but it's definitely there among things like nationalism, patriotism, civic pride and all that. Also , given the ecomnomy AND the fact the US company(MS) is a serious player for the first time is iot any wonder US sites tend not to ht that platform quite so hard?

Anyone who recalls just how hostile the US once was to Japanese car imports(even though their own products were ABSOLUTE sh1t at the time)will undeerstand exactly how fdefensive the US based media can be to it's nation's products. Thee you have to consider how IGN(and any other site) treats whoever spends the most on advertising-and on two fronts:you don't want to go out of your way to upset a big spending advertiser by seeming(to them) to give equal or better treatment to another manufacturer as you could lose contracts(it's not nice, dsoesn't promote great writing and isn't exactly at the front of people's minds but it has an effect). And secondly, you ned to keep the hits coming to keep the contracts too and most US gamers(HD anyway) are still 360 gamers-the fact they put this "comeback" article in is testament, on it's own, to how well Sony have done of late. To me the treatmentr was always pretty fair but on 50/50 calls sites would fall on MS side earlier this gen but now with them so close it's interesting to see if the more even market changes anything OR if the advertising changes OR whovever controls mopst of it makes their feeling known and puts on some pressure.

Whatever, it's far from being the same kind of bias that a fanboy has as they still want and need t cover all platforms AND have their stuff get hits but I will admit that the "ME2>U2" article was pure bait because ofd the way he did it. Had he allowed the possibility for other opinions to matter noone would care but he was palin offensive and that always looks crappy.

PS-sorry for any typos-keyboard's stuicky as all hell and I'm way too tired to think AND type on the bloody thing.

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Mr Tretton3667d ago

Next article: "PS3, can it be undoomed!? No. Click to find out why..."

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