Microsoft, Fans, and the Death of Xbox Originals Online Play

A look at the implications of video game server shutdowns and the significance for fans. The article suggests industry-wide use of transparent decision-making processes concerning server closure to reduce consumer dissatisfaction.

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Bnet3433665d ago

This horse is going to go through a rough beating for the next couple of days. But for the sake of the poor guys article, I'll approve. Does anyone here honestly still play original Xbox games online? Just wondering. If anyone wants to play Halo 2 that bad online, there's always the PC version which still works. I don't play any original Xbox games online so this won't affect me and I'm all for it if it makes the current service on the 360 better. (Bigger Friend List)

Apocalypse Shadow3665d ago

microsoft doesn't have to support these gamers.but are these gamers paying to play?will they get refunded on their remaining time left?

the only way i see this as okay is if it costs more to keep the servers up than what they are paying.but they ARE.....PAYING.

second,i believe microsoft is trying to unify their online base under one system.push them without giving them a CHOICE.again,it's no choice to buy a HDD,buy a memory card,or a wifi adapter of a reasonable choice to play without paying online.

killing halo2 online for xbox is an attempt to push people to play halo reach this fall.or any next gen halo product under 360's roof.sort of like banning 1 million 360s before MW2 release.

but last thing,it seems ps2 players haven't paid a cent to play online and most likely are still playing to this day 10 years later.and ps3,wii and pc fans are still benefiting from not paying a any loss of online wouldn't hurt as it was free to play to begin with.